Hillary Clinton Made The News By Finally Giving Response To Rumors That She Likes Women

Date December 6, 2019

Hilary Clinton made the news when the former Director of Issues Analysis and radio talk host Bryan Fischer announced to the whole world that she thinks the former First Lady likes women.

Is Hilary Clinton really a lesbian? The 72-year-old decided it’s time to finally respond to the speculation.

Hillary Clinton responds now

The American politician finally shot down the rumors about her sexual orientation. Clinton had a candid chat with Howard Stern on his radio show.

Despite the rumors, the mother-of-one stated that her romantic interest has always laid on male species. She said:

Contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men.

When Stern asked Clinton whether she has ever had an affair with a woman, the former First Lady responded with certainty that she has never even thought about it.

The rumors about Hilary’s orientation have started circulating since 2000. People began whispering behind her back for the first time when she was running for the Senate.

Since then, the rumors returned to the service in 2008, 2013, and 2016 and it seems that they will never fully dissipate.

Social media’s reactions

@Denis Legault:

You know, Mrs. Clinton is a good person. She's an amazing and wonderful person who knows more than some and yet, she stills has her good intentions to do good. I believe that people should take a step back and look at what this lady has accomplished. I think that you would be amazed.

@Barbara Smith:

Too many pantsuits!

@Kurt SB Sheesh:

You wear one pantsuit and comfortable shoes

@Joan Rendek:

It would be no ones business if she did. She chose to stay with Bill, let's don't throw stones for keeping up her end of the marriage vows. It is absolutely no ones business, the nature of their marraige.

If wearing pantsuits is the first sign of being a lesbian than it’s fair to say that too many women will be guilty of the crime. Who cares about such things anyway?

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