Is Ginger Zee Pregnant? ‘Good Morning America’s Meteologist Responds To Speculation Over Her Supposed Pregnancy Which Is Not Real

Date November 27, 2019 16:15

Is Ginger Zee pregnant? This question has been torturing the NBC’s weather woman for ages. Ginger and her husband, Ben Aaron, already have 2 children together but people seem to be convinced that the couple is expecting the third one.

It got to the point that Aaron had to address the issue on social media, saying that he is tired of everyone asking if Zee is pregnant.

Ginger Zee, GMA’s meteorologist, decided to finally put an end to the speculation herself as she answered the burning question about her pregnancy on social media.

Is Ginger Zee from GMA really expecting?

The 38-year-old Good Morning America’s weather expert finally addressed the rumors about her third pregnancy. One of the fans sent her a tweet:

Did you announce another pregnancy and I missed it. Gold dress shows it. Congrats.

Ginger wrote a sarcastic response:

Yes! I’m due in a month!!! So glad you asked.

She then added that she was just kidding and that she is not expecting again. Zee continued:

That’s called a woman who just went on 11 planes just last week, didn’t work out, needs new spanx and had two children.

People’s reactions

Ginger also talked about her eating disorder with which she struggled in the past. She noted that ‘anorexia is a difficult disease’ and receiving negative comments about her body makes her self-confidence go down the drain. So it’s better not to judge people by their looks as we don’t know what kind of battles they’ve been fighting.