Barbara Windsor In 2019: Legendary Actress Doesn’t Recognize Her Husband As Dementia Takes Its Toll

Date December 16, 2019

Barbara Windsor in 2019 is not the same woman we used to know and adore. The legendary actress doesn’t attend public events anymore as it can get ‘too much’ for her.

Barbara Windsor was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2014 and since then, she has been slowly losing her memory. Even though she can still get outside today, seeing a lot of people might ‘confuse her.’

Sadly, the EastEnders star reached a very devastating point in her battle as she no longer recognizes her beloved husband.

Barbara Windsor now

They have been together for 19 years but now she doesn’t even remember who he is. Barbara Windsor’s partner, Scott Mitchell, reveals that his life now reminds of a “Groundhog Day.” His wife not only forgets where she lives but she also sometimes doesn’t have a clue who he is.

Mitchell shared:

She can just look at me, straight in the eye, and say, ‘Do you know where my ­husband Scott is?’ Then she realizes it and then she’s a bit upset with herself that it’s happened.

It’s a terrible feeling knowing that someone you love so much can sometimes forget who you are. Scott admitted:

Each time it happens it’s like a body blow.

However, Mitchell adds that Barbara is not totally lost as he can still make her laugh. He assures that she still has ‘that lovely sense of fun’ he fell in love with. Moreover, there is something that helps to bring back her memory and it’s music.

The 56-year-old shared:

It’s a very common thing, music. Music triggers the brain. It’s really heartening to see as she taps into a place that has strong memory and evokes happiness.

Social media’s reactions

@Elvira Salvadore:

Sad and cruel cruel disease has affected two members of my family. It is the worst

@Shirley Bryant:

God bless her x terrible illness to have

@Kelly Gough:

AWWW she was so funny I loved HER BLESS HER x

@Elaine Taylor:

Aaww bless her its good to know her husband loves her so much xx

Mitchell added that even though Windsor’s illness is a terrible thing, she is very happy that she can raise awareness about it and help other people who are going through the same thing.