Alive And Kicking: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Released From Hospital To Enjoying Thanksgiving At Home After Surgery

Date November 28, 2019

Some people might wonder if former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is still alive. Well, it's not surprising as he's 95. But we are here to ensure you that Mr. President is doing good!

Although he has recently undergone surgery to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding from a fall, Carter is heading home now.

Jimmy Carter's health

He's doing much better and has been released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

Jimmy Carter spent more than two weeks in the hospital following the procedure and was looking forward to coming back home.

“He and Mrs. Carter look forward to enjoying Thanksgiving at home in Plains, where he will continue to recover,”

- the Carter Center said in a statement.

The statement goes on to say “the Carters are grateful for all the prayers, cards, and notes they have received and hope everyone will join them in enjoying a special Thanksgiving.”

Former U.S. President was hospitalized twice last month for two falls in his home.

The former president suffered a black eye and received 14 stitches above his brow after his first fall when he hit his forehead “on a sharp edge.” He later received treatment for a minor pelvic fracture after his second fall.

Jimmy Carter also previously survived liver cancer and brain cancer, announcing in 2015 that the cancer was gone.

Carter, however, has not let his health complications slow him down. He still remains to be an active person and continue doing his charity work.

People support him

People were quick to support the former president:

"Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Carter"

"God Bless You."

"Very Happy Thanksgiving !!! hugs"

We can't be happier to know that he is at home now, surrounded by his family and delicious food!

Many years and strong health to this great man!

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