"I Think You Should Run For President”: Jamie Lee Curtis Made Hoda Kotb Cry While Expressing Her Deep Respect And Admiration

Date November 25, 2019

Today show host, Hoda Kotb, is a lovable woman and her on-screen charm is only equaled by her warm personality that always has her guests feeling safe and comfortable. But outside her professional career, Hoda Kotb has an amazing family life.

Hoda Kotb adopted 2 kids in her 50s

Hoda’s journey into motherhood is amazing, as she first adopted her baby girl Haley Joy at 52, and added another adorable girl named Hope Catherine into the family this year. For many, her ability to handle obligations as a mom and still be able to go into work has been nothing short of inspirational.

When Jamie Lee Curtis visited Hoda Kotb on her show, she had the sweetest words for the mother of 2 when she suggested that she should be president!

Jamie Lee Curtis thinks Hoda Kotb should be president!

2019 has been an unpredictable year for politics and Jamie Lee Curtis thought she should ruffle feathers a bit when she told Hoda Kotb that she should consider running for president!

The bold suggestion by Jamie Lee Curtis, which aired when she was on Today had Hoda a little teary as she was touched by the sweet statement.

I think you should run for president… I think you embody the absolute best because you have little babies at home, and you suit up and show up in this incredibly grounded way that makes people feel safe.

Curtis’ words, which praised Hoda’s ability to her high demanding job and still make time to be a great mother, hit the jackpot since the host is all that and more.

Adding to her analysis, Curtis added that Hoda’s extraordinary ability is what would make her a great candidate for president if she ever chose to run.

As expected, the powerful Hoda found herself tearing up at the kind words and she had to compose herself before the interview ended.

Fans agree Hoda Kotb would make a great president

Hoda Kotb is a favorite among many women and after the Halloween star’s words, they had supportive messages for her too.

What do you think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ kind words? Would Hoda Kotb make an amazing candidate for President if she ever chose to run?