“I've Been Lucky”: Bruce Springsteen Gushes Over Wife Patti Due To New Film “Western Stars” Which Is A Love Letter To Her

Date October 25, 2019

In the last 3 years, Bruce Springsteen has been busy as he’s published his bestselling autobiography, Born To Run, and done Springsteen on Broadway, a one-man show on Broadway. Now, the rock legend has his eyes set on a new frontier, his own movie called Western Stars.

Western Stars, a concert film that gradually turns into a therapy session, will be a treat for fans as the melodic folk-pop direction is set to be all “sweetness and darkness.” A unique feature of the film, however, is that Springsteen teams up with wife Patti Scialfa.

Bruce Springsteen’s wife joins him in Western Stars

As Bruce Springsteen celebrates music in his new concert film, he sees it more as a love letter to his wife Patti Scialfa. Sharing on CBS This Morning, Springsteen noted that the music will also celebrate their marriage.

We've been together for 30 years… You know, Patti's been at the center of my life for the entire second half of my life… I've been lucky.

Patti, who is a songstress, joins her talented husband on Western Stars as they sing of moments in a long marriage when honesty wavers. They share their stories, their struggles, and triumphs that have featured in their long-lasting marriage.

Springsteen plays in a 19th-century barn at his home in New Jersey in front of a small audience, a clear sign that he hopes to deliver the songs with a sporadic and indelible intimacy.

The film is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Springsteen’s fans are eagerly waiting for the film and to those yet to watch it, positive reviews suggesting the music is deliciously haunting have them thrilled.

One fan said, “The older I get the more I appreciate Bruce--and I liked him a lot when I was young. I guess that's true for tens of millions.” How true is that? Another said “I have always loved him...❤️ This record is one of his best to me…Cannot wait to see the film.” Aren’t we all dying to see it?

Springsteen writes great songs and we hope the film is a great success. He deserves it.