Amy Roloff Admits She Is Struggling With Moving Into Her New House After Vacating The Family Farm

Date November 18, 2019 15:49

Amy Roloff is no stranger to the world as the Little People, Big World star has inspired many with her resilience, hard work, and strength, even after divorce. So, when Amy announced that she was going to sell her part of the famed Roloff Family Farm to her ex-husband Matt, many of her fans wondered where she would move to.

If you have asked yourself where Amy Roloff’s new house is located, then we have news for you. The house, which Amy bought from her fiancé and real estate broker Chris Marek, is just a 15-minute drive from the Roloff Farm.

Amy Roloff 's new house is overwhelming her

Moving from one house to another is everyone’s nightmare and for Amy Roloff, who has raised her kids on the Roloff farm for many years, the change was going to be devastating.

According to Radar Online, in September, Amy Roloff dished out $588,500 to purchase a house in Hillsboro, Oregon. For many, this was a great move especially since she is now engaged to her boyfriend Chris Marek. Moving into their new house be the "smart move" before getting married.

However, in a recent Instagram post, an emotional Amy shared that moving into her new house was getting harder than she had anticipated.

The length of time, much longer than thought, it’s taking to move out of the farmhouse to dealing with contractors in a new house. I must admit I haven’t handled the collision… as gracefully as I had hoped.

Citing a whirlwind of events that she has had to tackle in recent months including her mom’s passing, her birthday, and getting engaged, Amy revealed that she’s definitely stressed.

A lot has happened in the last almost 3 months in my world. Whew!

Those who know Amy Roloff know that she is the definition of a “Wonder Woman,” as she has proven over and again that she can navigate life’s challenges skillfully. But leaving her home seems to be the toughest challenge she has ever tackled.

Wherever Amy Roloff Lives, her fans still love her

Amy’s post revealed that despite her best efforts to handle everything on her own, the pressure might finally be catching up to her. However, her amazing fans were quick to show her solidarity as they wished her strength and perseverance at this time.

@anapaula_rabelo: God bless you ❤️

@sheilamunoz1098: I understand you!

@stargama: Maybe you are putting too much on yourself… step back and enjoy what’s important... and most importantly take care of yourself first... ❤️

@dawncuomorenaud: Love you, you are a strong woman, and I admire you for that

As the inspirational Amy Roloff continues to battle the nightmares of moving into a new house, we pray that she remains strong. Change might be scary at first, but when things work out, life can be beautiful.