Caitlyn Jenner’s Brother Died In A Horrible Car Crash Aged 18: “I Have Struggled With The Issue Of Guilt”

Date November 20, 2019 11:53

Caitlyn Jenner’s younger brother died in a horrible car accident when he was just 18 years old. The reality star admitted she realized it was Burt's "day to die".

How Caitlyn Jenner’s brother died

Fans could not even know but Caitlyn Jenner had younger brother Burt Jenner. Although, Burt knew his sister as Bruce Jenner before her transition.

Burt Jenner died aged 18 in a terrible car crash. Caitlyn was 26 at that time. The tragedy happened when Burt persuaded his older brother to let him drive on his gorgeous Porsche.

Burt and his 16-year-old girlfriend decided to skip school on that fatal day and enjoyed a car ride instead. The young people were involved in the car crash and died on arrival at a hospital.

Caitlyn Jenner talks about her late sibling

Though Caitlyn and Burt Jenner were not that close due to their 8-year age gap, her brother’s demise shocked the reality star a lot.

Caitlyn recalled that tragic moment in her book:

I have struggled with the issue of guilt…What if I had never lent it to Burt? Why did he drive so carelessly?

But Jenner added that she never let the feeling of guilt take control over her:

But never in my life have I ever beat myself up about it. It is a mechanism of protection, I know, but I have come to the conclusion that it was Burt's day to die.

Moving on

Caitlyn Jenner named her first son in Burt’s honor. She doesn’t like to recall the accident that took her brother’s life so unexpectedly, but Caitlyn learned a fundamental lesson from it. Everything in our life happens for a reason!

Jenner admitted:

The accident had a fate and will of its own.

Losing a sibling is always devastating. But you either learn how to deal with the grief or blame yourself for the rest of your life. Caitlyn Jenner chose the first option and found the inner strength to move on. Her late brother would have approved.

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