Christmas Princess! Matthew McConaughey's Daughter Is All On Festive Mood In Sweet Photo Her Mom Shared

Date December 24, 2019

Matthew McConaughey's daughter is all on festive mood in a sweet rare photo her mom shared on Instagram. We can’t decide which of her parents Vida resembles more! Would you give us a helping hand?

Matthew McConaughey's kids

Matthew McConaughey and his charming wife Camila Alves have three wonderful children together: two sons and one daughter.

Unlike those celebrity parents, who want their kids to stay aside from the spotlight, the McConaugheys’ offsprings are not shy to appear on the red carpet with their mom and dad. They also joined their parents at the Hollywood Walk of Fame when Matthew was receiving his long-awaited star.

The actor’s kids definitely inherited his natural charm and charisma! What do you think?

Vida McConaughey gets her first Christmas present

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to buy presents for kids. Vida McConaughey already received her first gift from mom and dad.

Camila shared the sweetest video of her 9-year-old daughter trying on her Christmas present. It’s a pair of awesome roller skaters.

Vida decided not to wait long and tried to skate asap. We need to say the girl has skills!

Camilla Alves McConaughey also shared a lovely photo of her lookalike daughter kissing their cat on the background of a Christmas tree.

Fans absolutely adored the cute pic and rushed to social media to share their impressions.

Fans’ comments

@ melissa.kobernitski.nylaw

It’s what it’s about! Love ❤️

@ wattsjp

Awww ❤️ So sweet. Great photo!

@ ashleighou

Vida!❤️❤️ Merry Christmas to y’all!

@ shannonbindler

Happy holidays! Love to the entire family!! 💕

Perfect genes run in the family!

We can say for sure that Matthew McConaughey’s daughter is really lucky to inherit the best features from both parents (just like her siblings did).

Vida is smart, intelligent, and knows how to present herself best during a getaway with parents. Matthew and Camila’s parenting approach definitely works!

The actor shared his strategy of raising kids:

They’re pushing the boundaries at home, but they are learning and using it on the outside world.

Good strategy and great family! And we want to thank charming Vida McConaughey for getting us into the Christmas spirit!

Matthew McConaughey’s family is a perfect reflection of family bonding. We all should follow their example too! Don't forget to tell your closed ones how much you love them when you gather together for the holiday celebration.

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