'It's Absolutely Disgusting': Luke Combs' Fiancee Defends Herself Against Online Trolls Who Judge Her For Dating A Bigger Guy

Date October 28, 2019 10:53

When it comes to true love, what's on the outside doesn't matter as much as who the person is on the inside. But even when two people choose each other, the world still has a way of judging them for their choices.

Luke Combs and fiance Nicole Hocking adore each other very much. The famous country singer once told People that when he and Nicole got together, he had "no publishing deal, no record deal, no booking deal."

He recalled to the publication that people assumed their relationship would never work because he had nothing. But so far, the couple has proved those people wrong.

Luke Combs' girlfriend Nicole Hocking defends their love

Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking have been reportedly dating since 2016. And even though they seem to get stronger by the day, they are also still faced with the task of proving to haters that they are made for each other.

Luke Combs' wife-to-be Nicole posted a tweet where she referred to the fact that people often judged her for dating a bigger guy.

In her tweet, she posted a snap of two fists and explained that some people were being "less than pleasant" to her because of who she chose to date. In a subsequent tweet, she wrote that she found the "double standard" to be "absolutely disgusting."

Support from fans

Nicole may find herself having to defend her choices to strangers but not everyone online is being negative about her relationship.

In response to the tweets she shared, many people showed their support to the couple. They advised Nicole not to mind the haters and gave her and Luke Combs their complete support.

The fact remains that people will always judge, especially based on their own limited perspective of someone else's life. It doesn't seem fair at all that Luke Combs' fiance has to stand up for herself over something so basic. But at times like this, the best thing is usually to look on the bright side and simply ignore the haters.

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