"It Was Terrible." Joan Rivers Once Dished On How Her Date Died While He Was Having Dinner With Her

Date December 5, 2019

Joan River's death in 2014 was heartbreaking for her fans. The comedian had attracted the love and adoration or many thanks to her no-holds-barred comedy and her outspokenness. She was considered to be a true legend.

Her personal life was also fascinating as well. Author Leslie Bennetts delved into this area of Joan's life in her book Last Girl Before Freeway: The Life, Loves, Losses And Liberation Of Joan Rivers.

In an interview, Leslie revealed that the comedienne herself admitted she was not faithful to her husband Edgar. She said that Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson had a fling at some point, and Joan was linked to other men too including Robert Mitchum and John F Kennedy.

Joan Rivers' date died when they were having dinner

Joan was a vibrant and positive woman until the very end. Even as she was getting older, it didn't keep her from going on dates and living life. Unfortunately, one of Joan Rivers' boyfriends ended up putting her in a traumatic scenario.

While speaking on The Howard Stein Show, the TV personality opened up about a dating experience she had in which the man she was with passed away right there at the restaurant.

"It was terrible," Joan said as she explained that they were right in the middle of dinner and having a great time when the man simply slumped.

They had to call the paramedics and she also contacted the man's family to let them know the situation.

Even though the incident would have been far from funny at the time, Joan showed her quick-witted comedic skills by injecting a little humor into her story. And what could have been a really sad tale ended up making many people laugh.

Joan Rivers' complicated marriage

Joan Rivers' second husband was Edgar Rosenberg. The couple got married in 1965 after they met in New York City.

Their 22-year marriage had its ups and downs. In a 2012 interview with Howard Stern, Joan confessed that she was unfaithful to her husband several times. Edger passed away in 1987, four days after she asked him for a separation.

Joan Rivers lived a really fascinating life. She was known and loved for her confidence and ability to make anything humorous. She made people laugh until the end with her funny antics on Fashion Police. Her fun personality, stories, and overall charm are some of the things people still miss about her.

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