"It Brings Them To Tears:" Paul Walker's Family Is "Heartbroken" After The Late Actor's Daughter Cut Them Out Of Her Life

Date December 2, 2019 11:34

Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, is now all-grown-up, but she isn't the only member of the late actor's family.

The Fast and Furious star also had two brothers, Cody and Caleb. After Paul Walker's death in 2013, the brothers came together to complete the production of his final film Furious 7. And for years after that, they honored his memory.

Paul Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb, told ETOnline in 2016 that filming that last movie in their brother's place helped them grieve and accept their heartbreaking loss.

Caleb said the experience helped them understand Paul and gave the family some closure.

Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, cuts out the family

According to reports by The Sun, the actor's daughter chose to separate from her father's side of the family including Cody and Caleb.

Meadow was only 14 when her dad died. But as a result of this distance between herself and Paul Walker's family, a source told the publication they were unhappy.

The family are heartbroken about the whole thing - it brings them to tears just thinking about it.

The source said that Meadow was not in contact with her uncles Cody and Caleb or even Paul Walker's mother.

She's shut everybody out - she doesn't talk to anyone in the family. They still believe that time is a great healer and they will all be there with open arms if she ever does decide to make contact. But it is still really tough for them and they hope one day it changes.

According to the insider, the family said they understood how tough it must have been for Meadow, who had such a close bond with her father, to lose him at such a young age. So they expressed the hope that someday, she would want to be part of their family again.

Meadow is all grown up now

Paul Walker's daughter turned 21 in November 2019. There were reports that she was an aspiring model.

In honor of her late father, she started a charity organization, Paul Walker Foundation, in 2015. It was set up after she inherited her father's assets, reports TheFamousPeople.

Paul Walker's mom grieves his death

Mom of the late Paul, Cheryl, once opened up to People about how tough his death was.

She told the publication:

I think so many people think, ‘Oh, he was just a movie star who was killed in a car accident.’ But there was so much more to him. That was just a piece of who he was. He was an amazing man.

She also opened up about how several people wrote to her after her son's death, telling her what a good man he was. Cheryl said these letters were a "blessing" and showed her that her son wasn't forgotten.

Many fans grieved the loss of the movie star after Paul passed away, but his family members and loved ones mourned the death of someone who they shared a close bond with. It might sound like the family wasn't really united, but there could be hope that this would get better.

Regardless, it's fantastic to see Meadow happy and thriving. The loss couldn't have been easy on her.

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