Mike Tyson Gets Candid About Being Deeply Hurt By Michael Jackson: "It Crushed Me"

Date January 10, 2020

Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson may share the same first name, but they didn't always get along. The boxer was not the biggest fan of the singer for a while and it may all be due to a misunderstanding.

About Mike Tyson

He has built a historical name for himself as one of the most celebrated and successful boxers of all time. Mike Tyson's early career began when he was only 18 years old. He made his professional debut in the world of boxing in 1985 and defeated Hector Mercedes.

According to ESPN, his promising career became even brighter when he earned the status of the world's youngest heavyweight champion at only 20 years old.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Mike Tyson was known as one of the most popular sports personalities in the world, and not just by boxing enthusiasts. Thanks to making worldwide headlines due to his personal drama and some of his controversial behavior, he has become a bonafide celebrity.

Over the years, he has been pictured with such famous stars as Bobby Brown, Naomi Campbell, Robert Downey Jr., and even Donald Trump. For the most part, he did seem pretty likable but Michael Jackson may have disagreed at one point.

Hurt by MJ

While speaking on musician TI's podcast, Expeditiously, Mike Tyson opened up about a particularly complicated encounter he once had with the late Michael Jackson.

The boxer said that, years ago, he was still basking in being named the heavyweight champion of the world and enjoying his worldwide fame but MJ did not treat him that way. According to Mike, the singer treated him like he was a nobody which ended up deeply hurting his feelings.

It broke my ego. It crushed me.

The sportsman said he was angry with the singer for years over the encounter.

I hated his guts forever.

Michael Jackson eventually extended an olive branch by asking Mike to come and hang out with him. The boxer gave the singer a second chance and they ended up burying the hatchet.

Mike Tyson also shared some of the things he soon learned about MJ.

  • The boxer said Michael was not as innocent and feeble as people presumed him to be. "He's f***ing sharp," he said.
  • Mike said Michael was a "player" who knew how to capture the interest and attraction of women.
  • Mike Tyson came to the conclusion that all in all, MJ was a smart man. "I learned to respect him."

On Leaving Neverland

In March 2019, Mike Tyson reacted to the documentary Leaving Neverland which delved into stories of accusers who made allegations against Michael Jackson.

Even though Mike felt the accusers were wrong, he did mention that he wouldn't let his own children hang out with the singer.

Speaking on the I Am Rapaport podcast, Mike said:

I wouldn’t let Michael hang out with my kid. I wouldn’t let my kid go over Michael’s house. I love Michael. You know what I mean?

According to History, Mike Tyson retired from boxing for good in 2005 but despite that, he still continues to express his views on different matters.

All the Michael Jackson scandal, even when he was alive, had people captivated. And after his death, the questions still haven't died down. Over the years, however, several of his fans, including celebs, have come out to express their support for the singer. Evidently, Mike Tyson feels the same too despite a complicated history.

Even though Mike's ego was bruised by the singer many years ago, his choice to still put himself out there when another opportunity came around was admirable. And thanks to that, he and MJ were able to forge a friendship eventually.

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