"Sometimes, Life Isn't Fair:" Single Mom Of 8 Including A Set Of Quintuplets Expresses Heartbreak Over Daughter's Diagnosis

Date December 3, 2019

When Kim Tucci welcomed her quintuplets in 2016, some people were skeptical because she said they were conceived naturally.

In an article for KidSpot, the mother of 8 revealed that she was often asked about how her quintuplets pregnancy and if the babies happened through IVF. She wrote that while the odds of naturally conceiving quintuplets were "1 in 55 million," that was exactly what happened for her which she considered to be "mind-blowing."

In her post, however, she explained that she was fed up with people asking her how her babies were conceived as it wasn't "anyone's business" and it didn't matter if people criticized her or accused her of lying about their conception.

Coping with a divorce

Kim Tucci was very happy about her children but her marriage took a hit not long after they were born. It was reported that she suffered postnatal depression after her quints arrived and her emotions were all over the place due to this.

Things deteriorated in her marriage to Vaughn and at a point, neither of them felt the motivation to put any more work into their marriage.

There were both so stressed and tired from raising multiple kids and it took its toll on the relationship, eventually leading to divorce.

Daughter's diagnosis

Kim Tucci's babies came as surprise to her and after she found out she was expecting quintuplets, doctors prepared her for the possibility that they could have autism, severe learning difficulties or other issues since the babies would be given birth to prematurely.

In a Facebook post, Kim said she was petrified at the time but she chose to stay positive. And when Keith, Beatrix, Allison, Tiffany, and Penny were born with no major complications, she counted her blessings. However, she kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She revealed, in April 2019, that Penny was diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune condition. She also shared her fears that her daughter could be autistic too.

I did take her to see a pediatrician and they diagnosed her with a sensory disorder. Penny will often make stimming noises, hand flaps, hates new routines, only makes eye contact with those she trusts.

She went on to add:

I think the point of this post is just to vent that sometimes life isn’t fair. As much as I feel absolutely blessed I also worry every day about Penelope.

Support for Kim Tucci

Since revealing this diagnosis, the mom has received social media support from fans who urge her to stay positive and keep the faith.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent , and you are doing an amazing job, toxic people put people down to make themselves feel better, its their problem.


Thank you for your honesty! It's nice to know that there are others out there struggling with little ones-- and I only have 1! Sending you a hug.


Kim you are amazing for keeping it honest and real. I got divorced after 2 kids when my youngest was 3, and noticed a similar trend with other couples, it is the hardest time.


Thank you for being honest and real! I hope you are getting some help to work this out. Hang in there.


Wow ! Your life is beautiful, raw and pure..... because you are honest.... something not many people can achieve.... especially on social media xx thank you for being real xx.

Being a mother can be challenging on its own so it makes sense that being a single mother of eight children will be even more so. It was brave of Kim to open up about some of her struggles. Not only does it give fans glimpses into her life but they can also inspire others trying to get through similar situations.

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