Dana Perino And Peter McMahon Had 'Love At First Flight' But She Waited A Year To Accept His Proposal

Date January 29, 2020 11:14

Dana Perino decided to trust her feelings when she first met her now-husband Peter McMahon and it turned out to be one of the best decisions she's ever made.

Dana's achievement

Over the years, Dana has made major leaps in her career. One of the initial reputations she earned for herself was becoming the second female White House Press Secretary. She was with the George W. Bush administration between 2007 and 2009.

Dana Perino And Peter McMahon Had 'Love At First Flight' But She Waited A Year To Accept His ProposalDana Perino And Peter McMahon Had 'Love At First Flight' But She Waited A Year To Accept His ProposalGetty Images / Ideal Image

Following such an impressive political career, Dana deviated into the world of media. In addition to being a contributor on Fox News, she was also a co-host of the news show The Five.

In addition, Dana is an author and also the founder of an organization called Minute Mentoring aimed at guiding young women in their respective careers.

Lonely in Washington DC

Dana Perino did have a lot to celebrate when it came to her professional life, but like many, she hoped to find love eventually.

She once revealed, during an interview with the WashingtonPost, that she felt stuck at the age of 25 during her career on the Capitol Hill. Things were just not moving as well as she'd like and she "hadn't had a boyfriend in years."

Dana revealed that the dating pool in DC wasn't exactly favorable as there weren't a lot of people she was interested in dating.

The good-looking ones were either already hitched or married to their political ambition with little senses of humor. It was slim pickings for a single woman.

As they say, be careful what you wish for. Dana did end up finding a man and he was as far away from DC as one can be.

Falling in love

In a story she loved described as "love at first flight," Dana ended up meeting the man of her dreams. However, a lasting relationship seemed unlikely in the beginning.

While speaking at the Hudson Union Society in 2016, she opened up about how she met her husband, Peter McMahon, on a flight in 1997. While on a congressional trip from Denver to Chicago, they were both assigned seats next to each other.

As they sat down, Dana sized him up, saw that he had no ring and appreciated his British accent. She was also impressed that he was reading The Tailor of Panama, which was how she struck up a conversation with him. They talked for over two hours and had a great time but Dana was skeptical.

As we were descending into Chicago I remember looking at the window saying, 'Okay Lord, I know I asked you to help me find somebody, but he lives in England, he’s 18 years older than me, he’s been married twice before. Did I mention he lives in England? This cannot possibly be it!

She admitted that at that point, though, she was already "head over heels," and decided to give things a try.

An unexpected proposal

Peter was based in England and Dana was in the US but somehow, this couple didn't let distance hold them back. She revealed that she ended up moving to England nine months after their first meeting after they both took trips back and forth to be together,

In 2018, the couple shared their story on Yahoo Lifestyle and revealed an interesting detail of how they got engaged.

It happened around the time they were trying to make their long-distance relationship work and traveling to see each other. Peter revealed that while standing outside the Washington Cathedral one day, he got down on one knee, and partly kidding, he asked her to marry him as it was the only way they could be together.

Dana said the proposal was totally unexpected as she felt like things were moving too fast. Peter admitted that he actually didn't expect a response at the time. However, one year later, she gave him the answer he wanted.

Peter explained:

Dana gave me a letter. And the letter told me how much she loved me, how much she enjoyed her time in the UK, how much she enjoyed being with me. And then at the end she said, Yes I will marry you.

2 decades and counting

In September 2018, Dana shared how great her marriage had been and how pleasant it was that they had just celebrated their 20th anniversary.

In an article published on FoxNews, she revealed that her mantra was to "live for the moment," and that ultimately, the important keys to her happy marital life were:

Faith. Gratitude. Grace. Commitment. Love. Surrender.

Other important details she shared about her marriage.

  • Peter officially became a citizen of the United States in 2006.
  • They both coped with some challenges including anxieties and career changes.
  • She still felt "stomach flips" whenever he was returning from work.

Dana Perino And Peter McMahon Had 'Love At First Flight' But She Waited A Year To Accept His ProposalDana Perino And Peter McMahon Had 'Love At First Flight' But She Waited A Year To Accept His ProposalGetty Images / Ideal Image

Being able to celebrate over 20 years of marriage is quite a fit. Dana Perino had many reasons to turn her back on the possibility of love in the beginning. Dating someone much older than she was and who lived so far away could her been dealbreakers. Instead, she chose to go with her feelings and did what she could to make things work. And now, they both live such a joyful life because of it.

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