Karamo Brown Has 2 Grown-Up Sons, And His Biological One Came Out As Pansexual: "I Was A Little Hurt"

Date December 4, 2019

Back in 2018, the Queer Eye star, Karamo Brown, got engaged to his long-term partner, an assistant director Ian Jordan, who has worked on several children’s programs. The couple has been together for almost a decade before the engagement.

They are heavily committed to their lives together, and Ian Jordan is a hands-on stepdad to Karamo Brown’s kids: Jason and Chris.

The moment that he stepped in to be a stepfather to my kids, you just can’t ask for someone better than that. I just feel so much love.

Karamo Brown’s kids

The A-list personality is a doting father to two kids, one of which has come out as pansexual a while ago. How did he take it being gay himself?

Karamo Brown found out he had a son only in 2007. At 15 years old, his then-girlfriend got pregnant and hid the actor’s biological son Jason from him. The dad-of-two knew his son when he was 10, and then he adopted Jason’s half-brother, Chris, to keep the family altogether.

When 22-year-old Jason shared that he identified as pansexual, it caused an unexpected rift between father and son. Indeed, the family dynamic isn’t always so simple.

We have such a good connection of communication, and I never hide anything from my dad, so when he heard this — and he was not the first person to hear this — I could sense that it kind of hurt him, and that’s why it transferred to a little bit of frustration.

The token culture expert was somewhat disappointed, regardless of his own sexuality. He was a bit hurt not because of queerness, but because Jason hid his identity until 21 years old.

So when Jason let me into his life regarding him identifying as pansexual, there was a myriad of feelings that I had ... When he shared with me that he identified as pan, I was, first of all, disappointed…. I was a little hurt.

Nonetheless, Karamo then called his son and said, ‘I love you.’ That’s how their brief quarrel ended.

Speaking of Karamo Brown’s father, their relationship didn’t continue when the gay star came out — they did not communicate at all for 10 years!Although, Karamo and his dad have mended their family bond, his coming out parted family for a decade.

Growing up, my father was my hero. He called me his champion son. But then, as I started to discover who I am, things changed dramatically. When I was 17, going on 18, I told him that I was gay. Our relationship ended. It split the family apart, and we didn’t speak for 10 years.

It is crucial to accept your own child’s identity; however, it’s easier said than done. Karamo Brown is an inspiration and a power force for gays, who are afraid of homophobic stereotypes or anything discriminative.

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