"Marriage Is A Whole Other Animal!" 39-Year-Old Zachary Levi's Secret Marriage Ended Only 6 Months Later

Date October 29, 2019

On June 16, 2014, Zachary Levi married a Canadian actress, Missy Peregrym, at Maui, Hawaii. The couple reportedly dated for 10 years before tying the knot. Lots of details are unknown till this time, but the actor candidly said they were not prepared for the challenges in their marriage.

Nobody can prepare you for marriage. Marriage is a whole other animal!

Zachary Levi's wife was his secret partner, as he prefers keeping his private life under the rug.

The separation

Therefore, the Chuck star's marriage lasted only six months — the couple filed for divorce on December 3, 2014. Zachary Levi's wife, Missy Peregrym, is reported to be the one to demand a legal separation.

According to TMZ, the divorce documents seemed like the couple wanted to have an amicable separation. Thus, neither of them asked for spousal support and community property, so the legal battle was very calm and cagey for the public.

After Zachary and his ex-wife's divorce got finalized in April 2015, both former partners went to achieve great things in life. For instance, Missy Peregrym's representative shared that she and her then-boyfriend Tom Oakley got hitched over the New Year's Eve celebrations in 2019, while Zachary Levi is still single.

During a 2019 online interview with Access, the Hollywood actor was asked whether or not there is a lady in his life. Turning to red, Levi replied he is focusing on self-love and self-acceptance.

Nonetheless, the Shazam! star said that he is waiting "for the right woman to enter my life." He trusts fate and believes it will happen when it's supposed to be.

39-year-old Zachary Levi seems to be quite a funnyman and sweet-hearted individual. We are also sure there is an incredible woman somewhere waiting to pop up in his life very, very soon!