Phil Hartman's Wife Was Jealous Of His Success And The Comedian Considered To Retire To Save His Marriage

Date February 11, 2020

Phil Hartman’s kids’ world hasn’t been the same since their father’s tragic death. America’s most-loved comedian tried to value his life and be grateful for all blessings he had before being killed at the hands of his wife.

Phil and Brynn Hartman were married in 1987, but his life ended when she murdered him in his sleep 11 years later. Suffering from addiction, Brynn took her own life the same night, leaving behind a 9-year-old son, Sean. and a 6-year-old daughter. Birgen.

Phil Hartman’s wife

The SNL legend considered retiring his trailblazing career to save his troubled marriage with a drug addict, alongside helping his wife to find jobs as she was jealous of his success. However, Brynn found her solace in substances, which reportedly made her abusive time from time.

It seems like late Hartman loved his wife and tried to do anything possible to work on their relationship. Yet, according to Brynn’s friends Suzan Stadner and Shelley Curtis, Brynn:

  • felt “intimidated” by Phil’s confidence, success, and global recognition;
  • had low self-esteem and felt lost in her husband’s game;
  • underwent some cosmetic procedures to gain confidence;
  • she wanted to be “the perfect wife of a Hollywood actor.”

Brynn Hartman frequently had outbursts, and Phil didn’t know what to do except for asking friends to take care of their little children until their mother comes back to a normal state. The SNL star’s wife was seemingly insecure and had a severe lack of self-acceptance, resulting in so many troubles in their marriage.

Phil Hartman’s children

Phil Hartman once admitted that being a father had made him the happiest. He always played with his son and daughter and joked all the time, just like at his job as a comedian.

Brynn and Phil Hartman’s kids today are having positive lifestyles despite a horrifi and life-changing event. They were placed into custody to their mother’s sister and her husband, who managed to raise very decent and private individuals. Birgen, like her mother, reportedly suffered from substance abuse issues but got sober in February of 2012. Her brother, Sean, has a low-key life, but it’s known he is an artist and musician.

How to help someone with an addiction

VeryWell Mind and Castle Craig Hospital share the following tips:

  • Expect difficulties and build trust.
  • Don’t criticize and offer communication and support.
  • Don’t focus on guilt but empathy.
  • Respect a victim’s privacy.
  • Encourage healthy habits and try to talk about treatment methods.
  • Try to help by looking for a professional therapist.

Phil Hartman's Wife Was Jealous Of His Success And The Comedian Considered To Retire To Save His /

It’s evidently horrifying to have a person with severe problems who have an adverse impact on you and children in the household. Phil Hartman’s life was prosperous and legendary but complicated and scary at the same time. His kids, Birgen and Sean, aren’t the same, and their lives will always be filled with that horror decades ago. However, if you have anyone with the same issues, offer a hand if possible.

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