"Marrying Was The Best Decision I Ever Made": 'Mentalist' Simon Baker Gushes Over His Wife Of Two Decades

Date November 22, 2019

The Mentalist star Simon Baker's wife, Rebecca Rigg, has been by his side for decades, giving him the most important in his life — three amazing children.

Rebecca Rigg is also a famous actress, best known for her roles in the Australian movie, Fatty Fin, and American comedy-drama movie, Ellie Parker. She and Simon lived in Los Angeles since 1996, moved back to Sydney in 2005, and returned soon after to reside in the USA.

Simon Baker & Rebecca Rigg

The Aussie golden boy and his sleeping beauty have been together for a bit more than two decades. Simon Baker married his wife, Rebecca Rigg, in 1996 after being semi-set up by their friends in the 90s.

The Mentalist star said that his wife is "the greatest woman any man could ever hope to make a life with," and marrying her "was the best decision I ever made."

Simon Baker told PEOPLE he and his wife don't like to keep things spontaneous in everything.

When we put too much pressure on something, everything gets a little clipped, and we don't feel like we're ourselves. And I think the most important thing in our relationship is that we're both able to be ourselves. I think it's probably the most important thing in most relationships, isn't it?

Simon Baker's children

A family is the most important for the former Mentalist actor. Simon Baker is a hands-on father to daughter Stella, and two sons, Claude and Harry. He calls his children his main "pride and joy" and talks about how meaningful it is for him to "see them happy and growing up to be individuals who have a good outlook on life."

Although Rebecca Rigg and Simon Baker's kids live in the USA, the proud parents are instilling Australian heritage into their parenting approaches.

All of my kids love Australia and understand the culture there enough to be able to slip backward and forwards without a problem. Obviously, the sense of humor in my household in the way we approach things is very much like Australia. We approach things in a very straight-forward way.

Rebecca Rigg and Simon Baker are on very terms with other celebrities, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. In fact, the two gorgeous women are godmothers to their children. They regularly keep in touch and have quality time together.

The Mentalist star cannot imagine his life without his dearest family. Simon Baker is on the Cloud Nine when he's around his wife, Rebecca Rigg, and when he sees their three children healthy, happy, and safe.

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