"I Hit A Place I Never Thought I'd Be": Robert Herjavec Contemplated Suicide Following His Divorce From His First Wife

Date November 21, 2019

Robert Herjavec and his first wife, Diane Plese, were married for 26 years. They reportedly met when he was 26 years old and not yet a millionaire. Plese was an optometrist at the time with whom the hunk had an eye appointment.

The meeting readily led to a romance, which lasted for almost three decades — the couple wed in 1990 in a Croatian church in Ontario. Robert Herjavec and Diane Plese had three children together: daughters, Caprice and Skye, and a son, Brendan. In July 2014, they separated, and two years later, they were already officially divorced.

Robert Herjavec's suicidal thoughts

When Robert Herjavec divorced his first wife, Diane Plese, his life was hellish. He admitted he had contemplated suicide following his divorce from ex-wife and estrangement from their three kids. Speaking to PEOPLE in 2016, the Shark Tank star said:

I had gone through some pretty tough times and hit a place I never thought I'd be. In life, when you get to that point, you either move on or stay at the bottom. Over time, I got to a point where I was happy with myself slowly, and I felt good about things again, but I thought I'd be alone. I thought it was what it was.

Then, he starred in Dancing with the Stars, partnering with his now-wife Kym Johnson, who was like a "ray of sunshine" at the time.

I met Kym, and I was scared. But it was like a ray of sunshine. She made me feel really good about life and myself. And then I realized, 'Oh my God, she's a super hot, sexy Australian! Bonus!'

Robert Herjavec's twins

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson got engaged in February 2016, and in 2016, they tied the knot in Los Angeles, California. Today, the two are doting parents to their twins, Hudson Robert and Haven Mae, who were born in April 2018. The Dancing with the Stars pro loves the feeling of being a mother for the very first time.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Kym gushed over her babies and family as a whole:

I'm just so happy. I was just hoping that the babies would be healthy... and to have two beautiful, healthy babies is the most incredible thing.

She added:

Robert's been great. He's been taking care of me and the babies. I saw the picture of [Dwayne] 'the Rock' [Johnson] feeding his girlfriend [while she was breastfeeding], and Robert was doing the same thing to me —feeding me as I was feeding the babies. It's really nice to see him with the kids.

Suicidal behavior

In most cases, suicide can be prevented. According to Cleveland Clinic, the best way to hinder it is to be aware of risk factors. Indications that a person is considering suicide are excessive sadness or moodiness alongside threatening self-injury.

Suicide is not a mental health illness but a severe consequence of one of the psychic disorders, such as major depressive disorder. Additional signs of suicidal possibility are social withdrawal, sudden calmness, dangerous behavior, life crisis, etc.

Thankfully, God healed Robert Herjavec's broken heart and helped me cope with challenging times. Today, the father-of-five is a devoted husband, hands-on dad, and an incredible individual.

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