"It Came Close To Dying": Timothy Omundson Suffered A Massive Stroke That Almost Took His Life At 48

Date December 2, 2019

Did you know that Timothy Omundson had suffered a massive stroke? It almost took his life back in April 2017; however, he continued to recover while filming a movie, Psych.

Every year since suffering a stroke, Timothy Omundson marks his Stroke Survival in social media. On April 29, 2019, the Hollywood actor posted a heartfelt photo, where he featured with a T-shirt with the print 'Not Dead Yet,' adding a caption:

Today marks my second anniversary of Stroke Survival. In spite of its best efforts, I can still wear this ⁦‪@frankturner‬⁩ t-shirt.

Timothy Omundson's recovery

Though Timothy Omundson is actively and successfully recovering nowadays, the star had to learn how to walk again and has gone through physical therapy every day for two years.

This Is Us star revealed the stroke was so massive that "it came close to dying." It happened in Florida in 2017 during one of the festivals, and Omundson checked himself immediately not to die.

After a stroke, your brain tends to swell. And if unchecked, it will kill you. So they had to crack my skull open like a walnut to relieve [the swelling]. And, to get graphic, they took the two parts of my skull, and they tucked it into my stomach. They attach a blood vessel to the bone, so it stays viable, and the body won't reject it.

Several months after suffering a stroke, everything was back on its place, but the surgery itself was hazardous and risky. The only thing Timothy is thankful for is to get treated in Florida, where he found the top stroke doctors in the state.

The prognosis is unclear yet, as every patient is different, and their recovery takes different steps and time. However, the American actor is very optimistic about his life and has been doing physical therapy for a couple of years.

I'm slowly getting some movement back in my arm, so I'm optimistic that that will continue to get better. And they say you don't really plateau; you just continue to get better. So all I can do is just continue with the physical therapy and walking and rewiring my brain.

Timothy Omundson after stroke

The American Housewife star opened up that he had to re-learn to do ordinary things, like buying groceries, cooking, and doing laundry post-stroke, and his wife was his main caregiver.

I spent the first several months in a wheelchair unable to stand, let alone walk. My left arm and hand are still paralyzed. I also underwent two brain surgeries, which required extensive recovery time. I went from being a very independent, active man traveling around the world for work, to being a two-person lift to the bathroom. I worked every day to get back into my body and back to my family.

Allison Cowley-Omundson said that "every day is a challenge," but they are getting through it, and she is still figuring it all out to help her husband be safe and sound after suffering a massive stroke. The 24-hour caregiver's agenda included helping Tim use the restroom, bathe, and get dressed.

I have truly been astounded by Tim's strength, determination, and positive attitude. I used to ask him, 'Why us…Why us?' He'd reply, 'Why not us?' Bad things happen to people!'

Allison admires how her husband has dealt with it all.

Tim has truly been an inspiration throughout this whole ordeal. I've never seen him feeling sorry for himself or angry about what's happened.

The most important in such terrifying situations is to have somebody beside oneself. In the case of Timothy Omundson, his sweetheart and their two daughters were with him through this earthly hell, and he is thankful for everything now.

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