Young James Spader: A Blonde Guy With His Lion's Mane Looks Like A Charming Actor, Jensen Ackles

Date December 18, 2019

Before starting an acting career at the age of 18, young James Spader was a yoga instructor, a busboy, a truck driver, a stable boy, and a railroad-car loader.

In the '80s, James Spader made his name playing a plethora of remarkable big-screen baddies, from scummy rich kids such as in Pretty in Pink to scheming yuppies such as in Wall Street. Do you remember how he looked at a young age?

James Spader now v. then

That's pretty shocking how two different people, who are not related by blood, can look alike as if they are twins. James Spader and a famous actor, Jensen Ackles, the Supernatural star, are an ideal example of this fact.

People lost themselves when they had compared James Spader in the 80s and young Jensen Ackles, and the similarity is unbelievably striking. We thought it was a joke until we saw these pictures!

As you can see yourself, the two handsome men share similar nose, lips, hairstyle, and hair color, as well as jawline and cheekbones. Though James and Jensen look completely different nowadays, it's impossible to deny their identical looks on these snaps.

Sadly, James Spader's sons did not inherit his blonde locks.

The Practice star met his ex-wife, decorator Victoria Kheel, while working in a yoga studio after he moved to NYC in the 80s. They married in 1987 and had two sons. Spader later filed for divorce in 2004 and began dating his former Alien Hunter co-star, Leslie Stefanson, in 2002. They share one son.

So, what's your taken on regarding James Spader and Jensen Ackles' striking similarity? Come on, admit they are like twin brothers!

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