"I Watched My Dad Cry:" Brandon Jenner Gets Deep And Emotional While Discussing Caitlyn Jenner's Transition

Date November 11, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner's son Brandon Jenner was one of the first people to have a heart-to-heart with his dad about her transition. However, Caitlyn's stepdaughter Kim Kardashian also had an inkling that the former Olympian was transgender long before it became public knowledge.

During an appearance on The Alex Baldwin Show in 2018, Kim Kardashian opened up about the moment she found Caitlyn, who was married to Kris at the time, wearing women's clothing.

Kim revealed that she was 25 years old at that time and walked in on her stepdad all dressed up as a lady in the garage. It was an unnerving experience for the reality star who said she "ran out and called Kourtney."

Brandon Jenner on Caitlyn Jenner

Kim's first insight into who Caitlyn was might have been scary for her at first but when Caitlyn confided in Brandon, she received his complete support.

Brandon was on the Scandinavian talk show Skavlan where he discussed the moment Caitlyn opened up to him about being a transwoman in hopes that her son would accept her.

Speaking about the conversation with his father, Brandon said:

I can remember vividly to this day of how I watched my dad go from an act to being able to be herself for the first time.

Brandon also opened up about the struggles his father faced as she went so long without being who she really wanted to be.

I feel like there's a certain amount of torture she's had to go through for most of her life. I watched my dad cry and I watched her struggle with finding the words to express herself.

Far from being freaked out by Caitlyn's words, Brandon embraced his father and expressed how proud he was of her. He completely accepted Caitlyn for who she was which, Brandon said, gave her the courage to come out to the rest of her kids too.

Her kids were accepting

Kim may have been confused and caught unawares when she first saw Caitlyn dressed as a woman, but she, like the rest of Caitlyn's children, later accepted her.

In an interview with GIBLIB, Caitlyn said her children were "all very accepting" of who she was and supported her transition.

Going from being Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner must have been a very huge thing for this former athlete. But thanks to the unconditional love from her family, she was able to embrace who she really was on the inside, becoming an inspiration for many others in the process.

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