"He Expects It:" Shania Twain On Not Buying Birthday Presents For Her Son Despite Being One Of The Richest Singer In The Worls

Date December 9, 2019

Shania Twain's net worth means she's able to afford virtually anything, not just for herself but for her family too.

According to WealthyGorilla, this gorgeous singer is worth about $400 million. Since the beginning of her vibrant musical career, Shania has sold over 100 million records and over time, she has cemented herself as one of the best-selling country singers out there.

Shania was married to Robert John "Mutt" Lange from 1993 to 2008. Together they welcomed a son named Eja. After the divorce, Shania went on to marry Frédéric Thiébaud in 2011 and they have been together ever since.

With a thriving career and a happy family, Shania appears to have it all. But that doesn't mean she doesn't hold back on her spendings, especially when it comes to her son.

Shania Twain's son gets no birthday present

In a 2018 interview, the singer spoke to Independent and revealed why she didn't believe in buying birthday presents for Eja.

Shania explained that her kid would never have an experience of what it was like growing up for her and she didn't want this lack of humble beginnings to lead to having a spoiled child.

You have to make a real effort not to spoil your children. I have to be careful not to let him have everything he wants, so I've only ever baked a cake for his birthday gift.

She insisted that her teenage son was fine with not getting yearly presents on his birthday, saying:

He expects it. I'd say, 'You know what you're getting from me for your birthday.' And he'd look forward to it.

The singer also opened up about getting Christmas gifts for Eja. She explained that he would only get three presents and even though other people sent him stuff, she encouraged him to give away whatever he wasn't using after a month.

Shania then went on to add that this didn't mean she denied her son if he needed something.

There's no point in pretending that we're without, though - if he needs a shirt, I'll get him a shirt. I'm not going to act poor if we're not poor. That's my approach and I'm just doing my best.

Shania Twain's child is just like his mama

During a 2017 interview with SoundsLikeNashville, Shania revealed her son's interest in music.

He’s been making music for a few years now. He’s very devoted and a real hard worker. He’s got a crazy passion for making music, and it’s really fun to watch.

She, however, added that Eja wasn't interested in being a performer which she said came as a relief to her. The mom believed her son shone best as a creator of music rather than being upfront and performing.

He just has a quiet confidence about him. He doesn’t have that extrovert—you know everybody look at me—type of personality. I think it will suit him well to be the creator.

From these words by the country singer, one can tell that she considers parenthood to be an important job and she wants to raise a well-rounded child who values what he has and understands moderation. Even though some may disagree, Shania believes she's doing the best for her son.

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