Gary Barlow Gets Candid About The Hour He Spent Holding His Stillborn Baby In His Arms: "It Was A Very Strange Time"

Date December 13, 2019

Gary Barlow's daughter's passing was one of the most devastating points of his life. He opened up about the experience but before we go into that, let's learn a little bit about his family.

Gary Barlow's wife is Dawn Andrews. The couple tied the knot in 2000 after dating for five years They have remained a strong and happy couple ever since.

According to the UK Sun, Dawn and Gary Barlow have three kids. They welcomed their first child, Daniel, in 2000 and two years later, their first daughter, Emily was born.

They became parents of three in 2009 when Daisy arrived and they were supposed to have their fourth child, a baby girl named Poppy in 2012 but the little one was stillborn.

Gary Barlow on losing his child

In his autobiography titled A Better Me, Gary Barlow discussed his grief after the death of his daughter. He dedicated an entire chapter to the pain of that loss and how his family coped afterward.

The singer recalled the moment his pregnant wife told him about Poppy's death, two days ahead of the due date.

I got a phone call and Dawn said, ‘I can’t think of any other way of saying this but the baby has died.

According to an excerpt from the book published by the UK Sun, the former X Factor judge wrote about the "gorgeous hour" he spent with Poppy after she was born. He and his wife simply enjoyed the brief time they had with the little one, taking pictures and footprints.

It was a very strange time.

He also added that one of the toughest parts was watching the grief that his wife was experiencing.

It was very heartbreaking watching the person that you love walking around the room with their dead baby.

He went on to add that the loss was something he knew they would never recover from.

Gary Barlow on looking after his wife

After Poppy's death, Gary focused on helping Dawn get through it. In a 2018 interview with ITV, he said:

It wasn't about me. It was about her. It was about looking after her. That's all we all wanted to do. And so, that became my job.

Losing a child is a very heartbreaking experience. Many couples have a difficult time coping with such a loss. And surviving it doesn't happen overnight. But it's nice to see that Gary and his wife relied on each other during the tough experiences and today, they remain a strong family unit.

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