Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Gifted And Passionate Singer Garth Brooks Who Turns 58 Today!

Date February 7, 2020

Today, on February 7, incredible and one-of-a-kind singer Garth Brooks turns 58 and we're rushing to express our love to the country legend.

Garth Brooks is the legend of country music

When we think about country music, Garth Brooks immediately comes to mind. He conquered the industry with his touching and relatable lyrics, as well as moving melodies that we can't help but move our feet to.

Brooks has also gathered quite a few accolades over his 30-year long musical career. Here are just a few of them:

  • Has released 15 studio albums so far;
  • Went on 6 successful world tours;
  • Has won 22 Academy of Country Music Awards;
  • Has won 2 Grammys;
  • Was inducted into country music Hall of Fame in 2012;
  • In 2014, became the best-selling artist in America, ahead of The Beatles, Mariah Carey, and other artists.

Bet you didn't know that last fact! It's quite impressive, but we're not surprised.

Brooks found the love of his life

Garth Brooks was married twice in his life. First time was to Sandy Mahl from 1986 till 2000. Their marriage brought the singer three daughters: Taylor (born 1992), August (born 1994), and Allie (born 1996).

Brooks once admitted that before the divorce he was so lost in his career that he barely knew his daughters. Luckily, Trisha Yearwood came along and rebuild Garth as a husband and father.

Garth and Trisha married in 2005 and seem like a perfect couple. Yearwood believes they were meant to be, and their chemistry perfectly translated into their music in 2016 when they co-released an album Christmas Together.

Nothing brings us bigger happiness than knowing that one of our idols is happy. We want to wish Garth Brooks the happiest of birthdays. We hope he continues to be surrounded by love and admiration and never stops giving us the gift of his music.

Send your best wishes to Garth Brooks on this beautiful day!