Hotter Than Hell! Dua Lipa's Silver Fox Father Might Be The Best Looking Dad In The Music Industry

Date November 26, 2019

It’s safe to say that Dua Lipa's father, Dukagjin is officially the most handsome dad in the music industry.

Dua Lipa's parents

Though Dua was born in London, her parents Dukagjin and Anesa Lipa are originally from Kosovo. Back in 1992, they left Pristina amid the oppression that preceded the war.

Back in the 90s, her father was the lead vocalist in a Kosovan rock band, Oda. He returned to Kosovo in 2006 when he was offered a job. Now, Dukagjin runs a communications agency while her mom, Anesa works in tourism.

Dua Lipa's Dad: Best Looking Father

Who knew Dua’s dad, Dukagjin Lipa is such an handsome dude. This unknown fact was established at the 2019 Brit Awards after a brief onscreen moment with the host Jack Whitehall.

The dramatic encounter sent viewers into his direction to checkout his smoldering good looks. Just one look at this gorgeous fellow can make women’s hearts beat faster.

By the way, Dukagjin used to be a singer and that’s how his daughter developed her interest in music. Asides from running a communications agency, Lipa organises an international music festival called Sunny Hill Festival which he set up in his hometown of Pristina.

Dukagjin features a lot on the singer’s social media page and often attends evets as her plus-one. When he is not busy with work, Dukagjin is a supportive father who is proud to share snaps of his daughter like a proud parent on Instagram. We absolutely love a cheerleader dad!

Her 2 siblings

The singer has two younger siblings, sister, Rina Lipa, and brother, Gjin Lipa. Dua’s sister, is a dancer, model and actress who is popular on social media. Gjin on his part plays football for Eagles United team. He is also the winner of 2019 U13 Super Cup.

Meanwhile, Dua has the tattoo, Mum and Dad, on the back of her right elbow dedicated to her parents. She also tattooed initials of Rina and Gjin on her left wrist.

It looks like good genes runs in the Lipa family. It’s the only way we can explain why Dua's dad, Dukagjin, is a total handsome silver fox.

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