‘Bridesmaids’ Star Maya Rudolph On Losing Her Famous Mom At A Young Age And Growing Up Being The Only Mixed Kid: “It Was Weird To Grow Up That Way”

Date November 27, 2019

Actress Maya Rudolph is the daughter of famous soul soprano singer Minnie Riperton. She was described as the Queen of the whistle register.

Maya Rudolph’s mom

Minnie Riperton was an American singer-songwriter best known for her 1975 single Lovin' You. Born in Chicago, Minnie started from an a cappella choir to sing with girl-group the Gems.

She went on to release hits and great albums. After reaching the apex of her career, Minnie was diagnosed with breast cancer. By the time she went through a radical mastectomy, the cancer had spread. Minnie died at the age of 31.

Maya Rudolph young

The Bridesmaids star is getting candid on losing her famous mom at the young age of 7. Speaking to New York Times, the actress revealed that having to go through such an ordeal in the spotlight did not help. She said:

It really didn’t help that it was a public experience. It was weird to grow up that way, thinking, I’m the kid whose mom died, and everybody knows it — or at least you feel like everybody knows it.

As a result if this, Maya learned to use comedy from a young age as a defense against intrusions from people especially when it came to the color of her skin. The actress talking about her experience growing up as the only mixed child said:

I know that part of owning being funny was an armor, and was, like, to literally not cry. It’s a protection. Just be like: ‘Oh, yeah! I’m the lady with the crazy hair! So much of my childhood was dealing with my hair and being super embarrassed by it, mainly because I grew up being the only mixed kid.

Maya and her brother were raised in a posh Los Angeles neighborhood. Though their mother was black, Rudolph never felt like her cousins who lived in Chicago.

Biggest hit

Minnie's biggest hit of her career was a song titled Lovin You. It was initially written as a lullaby by the singer and her husband, Richard Rudolph for Maya two years after she was born.

The song was part of Riperton’s album Perfect Angel which was produced by Richard and Stevie Wonder. Though she never intended to record the song, it went on to become the No. 1 track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 1975.

Meanwhile, the actress named her fourth child, a daughter, Minnie Ida Anderson after her late mother. According to TMZ, Maya and longtime partner Paul Thomas Anderson filed the birth certificate for her baby a year after she gave birth. Rudolph welcomed a baby girl on August 1, 2013 at home.

May Minnie's soul continue to rest in peace. Share this and support this incredible actress.

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