Bruce Springsteen Had His First Child At 40 And Now He Is Proud Father Of 3 Talented Kids

Date February 7, 2020

Bruce Springsteen and his beloved wife, Patti Scialfa, have been together for almost 30 years. The pair grew up 10 miles from each other and even knew each other’s friends before one fateful meeting finally brought them together.

They met at a bar and started performing in Springsteen’s Bruce's E Street Band, which they still do. Bruce and Patti’s chemistry was undeniable neither for the fans nor for the couple itself. Sadly, they had to part ways before meeting again.

Bruce got married to Julian Philips but after divorcing her, destiny brought him back to Patti again. The couple tied the knot in 1991 but does Bruce Springsteen have any children?

Bruce Springsteen’s kids

Bruce Springsteen became a father at the age of 40. It was his first-ever experience with parenthood. Even though Bruce still performed, he wasn’t at the peak of his career anymore so his children grew up with different ‘music heroes.’

Springsteen once said:

They showed a healthy disinterest in our work over all the years. They had their own musical heroes, they had their own music they were interested in. They’d be pretty blank-faced if someone mentioned a song title of mine, and I always looked upon that as that we did a good job. I know that none of my kids have read the book, though I imagine someday they will perhaps. I kind of like that.

Bruce and Patty have three children together:

  • sons Evan and Sam;
  • daughter Jessica.

They all followed different paths. Evan, who is the eldest, is the only one who inherited a love for music. Just like his parents, he decided that there’s nothing better than performing in front of the crowds with a guitar in his hands.

His younger siblings, however, didn’t share his passion. Despite studying psychology, Jessica became one of the best equestrian riders in the U.S. She got her first pony at 6 and since then, she has never stopped loving horse riding.

When Bruce Springsteen’s daughter was only 20, she represented the U.S. in the Summer Olympics and 2 years later, she won the American Gold Cup. Now, she is working towards becoming a part of the 2020 Summer Olympics team.

Bruce Springsteen’s youngest child, son Sam, is making his family proud, too. Last month, he joined Jersey City’s Firefighters. Sam already had some experience in the filed as he volunteered for the Monmouth County Fire Department in Colts Neck but now he has officially joined the rows of professional firefighters.

During the official swearing ceremony, Bruce said:

We’re very proud … It was a long road. He was very dedicated for quite a few years, and we’re just excited for him today.

It looks like Bruce and Patty raised a pretty talented bunch!

Bruce's words about parenthood

Springsteen had a difficult childhood as his father was not in the picture when he was growing up so when he became a father himself, he did everything he could to makes sure he wouldn’t lose his children.

Bruce Springsteen Had His First Child At 40 And Now He Is Proud Father Of 3 Talented KidsGetty Images / Ideal Image

The singer chose to have kids later in life so that he could make them his top priority. He shared:

I worked hard not to be an absentee dad.

Bruce Springsteen’s family is one of his main achievements in life. His wife and kids helped him when he was in a very dark place and now he pays them back with as much love, care, and support as he can. Bruce’s story proves that you don’t need to jump into having a family if you feel like you are not ready to dedicate your time to it. It’s better to wait than to rush into a mistake.