Does Deon Cole Have A Wife? He Has A Son But Hides His Partner’s Identity

Date December 2, 2019

Deon Cole is an actor and comedian best known for his amazing work on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. He has a prospering career but he also has a blissful personal life thanks to his son, Dylan.

The two share a very beautiful bond and it looks like Dylan tries to make his dad proud in every way he can. Cole spends all of his time with his son, celebrating his achievements.

The comedian often shares updates about Dylan on his social media without a fail.

But who is Deon Cole’s son’s mother? The 47-year-old hides his partner’s identity. He is fiercely protective of his personal life. But does Deon Cole have a wife?

Is Deon Cole married?

What do we know about Deon Cole’s family? Not that much. However, we can be certain that the actor is not married.

Hiding personal life is not a common thing among stand-up comedians as romantic relationships provide a lot of material but Cole decided to choose a different path and write jokes on other subjects.

To date, nobody knows if Dylan’s mother is Deon’s girlfriend. Moreover, he hasn’t been linked with any woman who could be called his partner.

Due to the absence of a female presence in his life, many people speculate that Cole likes men. In one of his interviews, Deon assured that he is not gay but he feels flattered that people think he is as he considers it a compliment.

One rumor might suggest that Cole does prefer women. The comedian accused Stevie Wonder of stealing ‘his girl’ from him. Check out the story here:

Nobody knows whether it actually happened or was Deon just joking but at least it proves that he is not into men. Nonetheless, the mystery behind his personal life still remains unsolved.