'Little Women: LA' Star Elena Gant's Twins: One Of Them Is Average-Sized, Another Has Dwarfism Like His Mom

Date December 2, 2019

What do we know about one of the Little Women: L.A. main stars Elena Gant? Elena was born in Russia and then moved to L.A., hoping to start a career in showbiz. Gant has Pseudoachondroplasia type of dwarfism.

The 32-year-old is now a mom to two children. Elena Gant’s twins are very cute but they are also very different in size.

All about Elena Gant’s kids

Elena Gant welcomed her twin boys, Xavier and Kairo, in 2016. It is her first experience with motherhood and she’s extremely grateful for it.

Gant shared with PEOPLE how happy and overwhelmed she felt after giving birth:

As a first-time mom, as a little person, I’m so lucky to now hold two beautiful, healthy baby boys. It was love at first sight, and my husband and I are so blessed with our twins.

However, the birth was not easy for Little Women: L.A. star. She noted that it was ‘the scariest moment’ in her life but she knew she had to be brave for her babies.

Elena said:

My son was basically kinking my insides. I had to go on bed rest and use a walker, but I was willing to do anything to get my son here healthy.

Luckily, the two boys were born healthy. However, Kairo inherited the same type of dwarfism his mother has while his twin brother Xavier is average-sized. Pseudoachondroplasia doesn’t affect intellectual abilities and characterizes by disproportionate short stature.

Despite her condition, Elena managed to find love with her husband, Preston. The couple got married in 2014 only after 3 months of dating.

Elena Gant’s husband is 6 foot 2 inches tall American actor, producer, and assistant director. A year after they said their “I do’s,” the couple renewed their vows and in 2016, they welcomed their children. True love doesn’t see any obstacles!

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