Demi Moore Helped To Deliver Soleil Moon Frye's 4 Children: “She’s Like A Doctor”

Date November 29, 2019

In October 1998, American actress Soleil Moon Frye became a wife. She tied the knot with TV producer Jason Goldberg in a beautiful Jewish ceremony.

The couple decided that their family is too small and went on having not one, not two, but four kids in total: daughters Poet Sienna Rose and Jagger Joseph Blue, and sons Lyric Sonny Roads and Story.

As it turns out, all Soleil Moon Frye’s children were delivered with Demi Moore’s help.

Soleil Moon Frye got her best friend’s help

Soleil Moon Frye is praising her best friend Demi Moore for helping her to deliver all 4 of her children. The Punky Brewster star called Demi ‘a miracle worker’ and said that the Ghost actress was with her ‘every step of the way.’

Solei gashed:

I always say that Demi must have been the doctor in her past life because she is really miraculous when it comes to bringing babies into the world. It's a little secret, not such a secret now because I keep telling everybody I know. I'm like, "She brought all the babies."... She's amazing.

Who would have thought that Demi would be such a great birth doula? Frye noted that Moore always acted a little bossy to make sure her friend was feeling ok and as comfortable as she could be.

She added:

She’s been in all my birth rooms. She’s like a doctor. She’s like, ‘Alright. I’m here. Step back, everybody.’

Frye shared that her young daughters might follow in her footsteps as they already dream about a career in show business. Perhaps the girls got inspired but their famous mom, or the talented woman who helped them to enter this world.

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