Who Is Michael Ealy's Wife? Actor Is Married To Khatira Rafiqzada, Who Avoids Spotlight At All Costs

Date January 22, 2020

Michael Ealy’s family is a mystery to everyone. The actor rarely shares any personal updates but when talking with The Real’s hosts, the handsome star revealed that he is a big fan of pre-marital counseling. He also thinks that couples should test-run living together before getting married.

But what do we know about Michael Ealy's wife?

Michael Ealy is a great actor but he’s also a good husband. He met his wife, Khatira Rafiqzada, in 2008 and romanced her for 4 years before tying the knot. But who is Khatira Rafiqzada?

She is an American with Afghanistan roots. Rafiqzada was working as a waitress before deciding to try herself in the showbiz. She made a few on-screen appearances in 2008 and thought it was enough.

It has been rumored that Michael Ealy hides his spouse from the spotlight, however, the actor claims that it’s her decision, not his.

After meeting Michael Ealy, Khatira Rafiqzada was the one, who decided it would best for her to retire from the public eye and focused her life on her family.

A few days ago, Ealy opened up about the first date with Khatira and it was pretty hilarious. The actor shared with Kelly Clarkson:

She was sitting there and we were talking and she says to me: “Can we get the first kiss out of the way?” She was like “I’m feeling you and I’m telling you right now if it’s bad, I just wanna go home and never see you again.”

Considering that they are still together, we can suspect that the first kiss was really good!

Michael Ealy’s kids

Michael Ealy married Rafiqzada in 2012 and soon after, the two expanded their family. The couple has 2 children:

  • son, Elijah Brown;
  • and a daughter, whose name they haven't revelaed yet.

It’s totally understandable why Michael Ealy is secretive about his wife and kids. In the world where it’s very difficult to keep things hidden, Ealy just wants to protect his family from unwanted attention and we totally get that. We wish the 46-year-old all success in the world and secretly hope that he will sure more snaps of his adorable children.