She Was There Before Fame And Fortune: Mel Gibson And First Wife Of 26 Years Robyn Moore Gibson Have 7 Children Together

Date November 5, 2019 14:49

In 1985, Mel Gibson was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive after charming the entire world with his breakout role in the Mad Max apocalyptic film series. While Gibson’s hunky charm and boyish looks have matured over the years, there is a woman who was with him before all the fame and fortune.

That woman was his first wife, Robyn Moore Gibson.

When Gibson and Robyn first met in the late 1970s, he was an unknown actor who had just finished filming Mad Max in Adelaide. As the story goes, they didn’t waste any time as they kindled a beautiful relationship that led to marriage in 1980.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson have 7 children together

While Gibson and Robyn divorced in 2009 due to “irreconcilable differences,” the two were married for 26 long years, a time in which they experienced great marital bliss and were blessed with a big family.

Together, Gibson and Robyn had a daughter and 6 sons who all had “ordinary lives’ out of the limelight. Staying away from Hollywood, the couple raised their kids in Malibu, where they kept a low profile, free of scandals and the press.

The kids, who are Hannah, Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo, and Thomas, did well for themselves and were content with staying out of the public eye. Of the 7 kids, Hannah was the most enterprising as she has worked as a production assistant and make-up artist on several of Gibson’s films.

The Gibson’s family unity came to test when after his divorce, Mel Gibson was accused of domestic violence by Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, whom he had a daughter with. In a unique twist of events, it was his first family that came to his defense, with Robyn and the kids defending Gibson from the accusations.

She Was There Before Fame And Fortune: Mel Gibson And First Wife Of 26 Years Robyn Moore Gibson Have 7 Children TogetherGetty Images / Ideal Image

They noted that as far as they knew, Gibson was a “wonderful and loving” father.

Mel Gibson gave Robyn Moore half of his $850 million fortune!

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson’s divorce settlement is still considered one of the largest Hollywood divorce payouts in history as the Academy Awards recipient parted with half of his fortune.

As Gibson and Robyn ended their marriage after 26 years, the actor gave away $425 million to the former dental nurse in the settlement. In 2011, the huge divorce settlement was unprecedented, and this made it a record-setting amount.

While he separated with his first wife, the Braveheart star has maintained close contact with the whole family. Their strong bond proves that while divorce ends marriages, the personal connections are never severed.