"Charlie's Angels" Star Lucy Liu Had A Baby Without A Boyfriend Or A Husband! She Chose Surrogacy And Never Regretted It

Date November 18, 2019

Charlie’s Angels star, Lucy Liu, is a powerful and beautiful woman but while fans adore her on-screen, her personal life has been equally as intriguing. Liu’s life has interested many over the years as people often ask, “Is Lucy Liu married? Who’s the father to Lucy Liu’s baby?

If these questions have ever troubled you, then you are in luck. Let’s break down the answers together.

The Elementary actress is a great catch and any man who catches her fancy would surely be lucky. Surprisingly, while Lucy Liu has dated several famous men, none of them got married to her!

None of Lucy Liu’s boyfriends became her husband

Lucy Liu is a romantic and from her public relationships, she proved that she’s always open to giving love a chance. In 2004, the Kill Bill star had her fans dreaming of a wedding when was engaged to Zach Helm, an American writer, and director.

While they dated, even Lucy herself was excited as she expressed the couples’ wishes to have a private wedding “with just a few close friends and family.” Unfortunately, the couple separated with none of them stating why they decided to end things.

Lucy Liu also in a relationship with actor Will McCormack for 3 years after which she went serious with Israeli-American tycoon Noam Gottesman in 2010. Lucy’s relationship with Noam was probably her most intriguing one as sources claimed that she even had Israeli bodyguards shadowing her!

Sadly, in 2014, they separated, making the Charlie's Angels star a single woman, once again. But despite dating these prominent men, Lucy Liu found none of them worthy to walk down the aisle with her.

Lucy Liu welcomed a baby via surrogacy

While cupid found no match for the incredible Lucy Liu, she still desired to be a mother, a dream she realized through surrogacy.

Sharing her amazing news with fans on social media, the famously shy Lucy Liu revealed that she had welcomed her beautiful baby boy, Rockwell Lloyd, in 2015.

Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity, Liu shared that contrary to her expectations, people had mixed reactions to her becoming a mother via surrogacy as some judged her.

I’m a single mother who had a baby through a gestational carrier, and I know that people had opinions about how it was done.

Lucy explained that the circumstances involved in having a child don’t really matter since the most important thing is how a mom loves and cares for her child as they grow up. She became a single parent by choice, a decision she felt was right for her and her baby.

Celebrities who had kids as single moms

We believe that Lucy Liu is a great mom and we feel that what truly matters is not how we get kids, but how we love them. Other favorite celebrity moms that had children despite being single include:

  • Madonna, a mom to 6 who has adopted 4 children
  • Sandra Bullock, who has 2 adopted kids
  • Angelina Jolie, who was a mom to 2 adopted kids before marrying Brad Pitt.

"Charlie's Angels" Star Lucy Liu Had A Baby Without A Boyfriend Or A Husband! She Chose Surrogacy And Never Regretted ItPushish Images /

These celebrities and their successes raising their kids as wonderful moms prove that biological connections don’t determine one’s status as a maternal figure. A woman leaves a great legacy in how she cares for her loved ones, whether they are linked biologically, by adoption, or even through surrogacy.

Do you think it’s right when people judge a woman’s decision to get a child through surrogacy?