Sally Jessy Raphael Says Her Show Was Canceled Due To Cancer And Now She Is A Caretaker For Her Husband With Alzheimer's And Parkinson's

Date February 7, 2020 11:56

Sally Jessy Raphael lost her iconic show Sally due to cancer and now she is a caretaker for her husband of almost 60 years who has both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. We can’t help admiring Sally’s inner strength!

Sally Jessy Raphael’s show

  • Sally Jessy Raphael became famous for hosting her show Sally for 18 years.
  • Sally’s second and current husband Karl Soderlund was her manager.
  • Sally Jessy Raphael’s signature red glasses became her trademark over the years.
  • Surprisingly, but Sally said that managers didn’t like her glasses at first and tried to change them. The actress explained:

So Dubrow (show producer) had my husband buy three pair of the ugliest glasses you could imagine. I put them on one, two, three and the boss said, 'Red, that's much better.’

Sally Jessy Raphael Says Her Show Was Canceled Due To Cancer And Now She Is A Caretaker For Her Husband With Alzheimer's And Parkinson'sGetty Images / Ideal Image

Sally Jessy Raphael today

Sally Jessy Raphael devoted almost two decades to her show. We can only imagine her hurt feelings when Sally was told that it was canceled in 2002.

Sally explained that her show was canceled because she told producers that she had cancer. In one of her interviews, the star said she felt “betrayed” at that time.

Sally said:

I was betrayed by some of the producers… They told us that the show was gonna go on and we hired 50 employees.

The host added that she felt awful when within next two months she had to tell all those people that they were fired. Sally said they thought she knew about the show cancelation in advance and just didn’t tell them, but Raphael had no idea.

Sally Jessy Raphael’s husband

Sally has been married twice. She married her first husband at the age of 18 and divorced five years later.

Sally’s second and present husband is her former manager Karl Soderlund. The star revealed that her husband has severe health issues as he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Sally said:

He has both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It’s the saddest of all diseases because you are dying a bit every day.

Raphael had to become a caretaker for her husband of almost 60 years due to his health condition, but she never blamed fate for all these life challenges. That’s what we call true love!

Sally Jessy Raphael’s kids

Sally Jessy Raphael is a loving mother to her children. Sally had two daughters with her first husband. She and Karl also adopted a boy when got married.

Sally’s eldest daughter Allison died when she was 33. The reported cause of her early demise was a drug overdose. At that time, Sally refused from comments about her daughter’s passing. We respect Raphael’s desire to keep silent as nothing hurts as much as losing your beloved child.

Sally Jessy Raphael has faced multiple challenges in her life: the loss of her job, her daughter’s death, her husband’s diseases. And let’s not forget that Sally is a cancer survivor!

We applaud to Sally Jessy Raphael for her incredible courage and inner strength in the darkest times! She bravely accepted all life challenges and nothing could break her spirit!

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