Young Jason Statham Looks Unrecognizable With Long Hair: Video

Date November 22, 2019

When fans see young Jason Statham with hair, they can’t recognize the actor who is known for his iconic ‘baldness.’ Would you like to see hairy Statham too?

Jason Statham’s signature bald look

Over the recent years, handsome Jason Statham has become one of the leading Hollywood actors. Fans are lining up to watch a new movie featuring this heartthrob.

His acting skills made Statham a star of the best blockbusters of Hollywood. But Jason’s talent is not the only thing that makes him a winner of the women’s hearts.

Jason Statham’s bald head has become a visit card of the Transporter actor. If you ask someone to name the most recognized bald man, no doubt, the majority will name Jason Statham.

Jason Statham with hair

Statham’s bald head is an integral part of his image. That is why people almost forgot how Jason looked like with hair.

Fortunately, some pictures and videos of Jason Statham with hair are still available on the Internet. We took a look at those and need to say – we could hardly recognize the actor in his throwback pictures. And what about you?

Fans’ comments

We also want to recall Statham’s words about the importance of following dreams no matter what.

As a professional swimmer, Jason once said:

In spite of the hard work, the disappointment of not winning a medal made me more disciplined, it taught me to focus on hard work and determined for the success of my future endeavors.

Golden words!

Jason Statham is undoubtedly the most famous Hollywood bald celebrity! Or maybe do you prefer Statham with hair more? Please, share your opinions in the comments.