'Knots Landing' Star Donna Mills Adopted A Daughter At 54 As A Single Mom As She Has Never Been Married

Date February 4, 2020

Knots Landing star Donna Mills adopted a daughter as a single mother at 54. Though Donna is now happy in a relationship with her boyfriend of 20 years, she doesn’t rush to get married. Let’s take a closer look at the actress’ personal life because it’s no less interesting and exciting than that of her iconic characters.

Donna Mills: age has no power over her

  • Donna Mills is one of the brightest stars of the soap opera community.
  • The actress is best-known for her role in the TV series Knots Landing.
  • 79-year-old Donna Mills has never been married and has no regrets about it.
  • The star has her own line of cosmetics under the same name.
  • Donna Mills is still acting at her age. In an interview with Daily Blast, Donna shared a lesson she learned throughout her lasting career on television. She said:

You have to work through the ‘hands on you’. At that time, if I didn’t like that, I don’t stop that. Don’t ever do that!

Donna Mills’ family

Donna Mills has never been married but her single status seems not to worry the star at all. Donna has a wonderful daughter. She adopted a girl when she was 54. Someone could ask why the actress waited for so long?! Donna explained it simply: she became a mother at the right time and has been over the moon since then.

But what’s about Donna Mills’ personal life?

In one of her throwback interviews, the soap opera star said:

I don’t see any more security in being married than in not being married.

Despite the fact that Donna is not married, it doesn’t mean she feels lonely. The star has been in a happy relationship with her longtime boyfriend Larry Gilman for almost 20 years.

Donna gushes about Larry:

He’s really such a good guy.

Larry won Donna’s heart due to his sincerity and kind heart. Many rich men wanted to date gorgeous and famous Donna Mills, but the star had her vision of the matter.

Once Donna Mills explained why she never dated rich men:

They want to have the power. And I want to have the power too!

The actress added about her current boyfriend Larry:

I finally found the man who allows me to have power.

Little-known fact about Donna Mills

Few people know that Donna Mills is not just a talented actress, but a successful model. In 1989, Mills even graced the cover of Playboy. By the way, Donna’s daughter Chloe also dreams of a modeling career.

When been asked whether her daughter wants to become an actress, Mills replied “No” and added that Chloe talks about being a model.

She talks about modeling. I told her to go for it until she is 22, then quit with a nice nest egg.

As you see, Donna Mills is a vivid proof that it’s possible to be happy and beloved at 79 without a marriage license. The Knots Landing star can be proud of her successful career, her wonderful daughter, and her amazing & caring partner.

We wish Donna Mills to keep shining like a star! Age, indeed, has no power over this fabulous woman!