Music Legend Tammy Wynette Was Buried Twice Because Of Mysterious Controversies Surrounding Her Demise

Date January 24, 2020 13:14

Tammy Wynette’s demise still remains a mystery for most of her fans. The music star was buried two times because of controversies surrounding her death.

Tammy Wynette’s death

  • Tammy Wynette died at 55. She suffered from multiple health problems.
  • The country music star suffered from chronic intestinal pain and underwent more than 20 surgeries throughout her life.

We found out so many things after my mom died. It's painful to think that my mom lived the kind of life she lived and we didn't understand some of it.

Mystery behind Tammy Wynette’s cause of death

Tammy Wynette died in a sleep in 1998. The singer was buried two times because of controversies surrounding her passing.

According to Wynette's physician, she died because of a blood clot to the lungs, although no autopsy was performed at that time.

Later, Wynette’s daughters addressed a court to have their mother’s body exhumed for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of her demise. The autopsy result showed that Tammy had traces of drugs in her body.

Wynette’s children filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against their mom’s doctor and her widower, Richey, who reportedly continued to give Tammy painkiller drugs even when she didn’t want to.

Tammy Wynette was then reinterred in the Woodlawn Cross Mausoleum. The lawsuit against Tammy’s doctor was then resolved after both sides had reached an agreement over claims.

Tammy Wynette’s children and family life

Tammy Wynette could have been proud not just of her successful career but of her big family. The singer was married 5 times.

Tammy was even rumored to date Hollywood heartthrob Burt Reynolds. The two of them didn’t confirm their reported romantic affair. Anyway, Burt and Tammy remained very close friends up to the singer’s demise.

Tammy Wynette had 4 daughters and 2 step-children. Two of her daughters claim they were cut out of her multi-million dollar will.

Tammy’s daughter Jackie accused her step-father of leaving nothing from her mother’s personal stuff to them:

We’ve even never received her baby books, clothes, her personal items, absolutely nothing about our mother.

Tammy Wynette faced a lot of life struggles and personal challenges during her life. Sadly that even after her demise, the singer’s good name was still a subject of scandalous discussions and lawsuits.

Nevertheless, we applaud to Tammy Wynette for the priceless music heritage she left to her multiple fans. Legends never die! That’s definitely true to say about the eminent Tammy Wynette!

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