Say What! Michael Jackson Asked Melania Trump To Kiss Him So They Could Make Donald Jealous

Date November 11, 2019

Melania Trump & Michael Jackson may seem like an unlikely duo but, back in the day, they were on the same team. The king of pop was one of Donald Trump's A-lister friends.

When he introduced his wife to the singer, they created a long-lasting memory.

You'll be surprised to know how many celebrities have been in Mr. President's good books. To name a few, he has close relations with Larry King, Barbara Walters, Kanye West and even, Oprah Winfrey. Donald coming across the Thriller hitmaker doesn't seem like a big deal now, doesn't it?

Melania Trump & Michael Jackson's encounter

During her interview with Du Jour, the First Lady narrated an amusing story. When she met Donald Trump in 1998, she was interested but, wasn't starstruck. Later on, Melania did admit her husband showed a new world to her after their marriage.

Say What! Michael Jackson Asked Melania Trump To Kiss Him So They Could Make Donald JealousGetty Images / Ideal Image

He made her acquainted with Michael Jackson. The couple went to have dinner with him in New York at the Pierre Hotel. When the tycoon got into another room, she and MJ were sitting on the sofa. As Melania recalls, the king of pop said:

Hey, when Trump comes back, let’s start kissing so he will be jealous!

Mrs. Trump remains adamant that they didn't follow through his plan. Michael and she just ended up laughing about it, instead of pranking Donald. She just snubbed the king of pop!

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Michael Jackson must've been the most fun guy to be friends with! He sought the best trick to annoy Mr. Trump. We thank the First Lady for sharing this.

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