TV Host Tomi Lahren Praises Melania Trump While Slamming Trolls Who Made Fun Of The FLOTUS' White House Christmas Display

Date December 6, 2019

The annual White House Christmas decor is something many people look forward to every year. It signifies an official declaration that it's the Christmas season. And frankly, many people can be inspired to create something similar by looking at it.

Melania Trump recently debuted the display for this year and it was as bright and as magical as one might expect. The First Lady went for a much different theme from the 2018 display but it was just as beautiful and festive.

Bold colors, bright ornaments, and an overall tasteful creation were some of the things people noticed when Melania shared a video showing the display. She, of course, looked gorgeous in the clip wearing a fitted cape dress and her signature high-heels.

Criticisms for the White House Christmas decorations for 2019

Like last year, people still had mean things to say about Melania's display. Many commenters compared the overall look to a scene from a horror film, specifically "The Shining."

People took to social media to harshly poke fun at Melania Trump's Christmas decor, insisting that somehow, she just never gets it right.

Tomi Lahren defends the First Lady

While speaking on her Fox Nation show, Final Thoughts, TV host Tomi Lahren expressed her astonishment at the way Melania was being blasted on social media. She accused those who disapproved of the presidency of always taking an issue with the FLOTUS' decorations.

Quite obviously, they take issue with absolutely anything anyone with the last name 'Trump' does, says, doesn’t say, tweets, or breathes.

She went on to praise the First Lady for her continued grace and class while dealing with the "daily vitriol and hatred" from trolls. She added that she doubted Melania worried too much about the mean words posted about her online.

Luckily, Melania is a tough cookie and when she goes to bed in the White House every night I doubt she cares about what some keyboard warrior thinks about her or her decorations.

Many users agreed with Lahren's words and they expressed their support for Melania as well.

Facts about the White House Christmas decorations

According to WhiteHouseHistory, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was the one who began the tradition of choosing a theme for the official White House Christmas tree in 1961.

Subsequently, an annual theme became a part of the Christmas events in the White House. In 2018, the Trump administration broke the record of the most number of Christmas trees in the White House with 41 trees. The record was previously held by the Clinton administration with 36 trees in 1997.

TV Host Tomi Lahren Praises Melania Trump While Slamming Trolls Who Made Fun Of The FLOTUS' White House Christmas DisplayGetty Images / Ideal Image

It makes sense that not everyone will approve of Melania's Christmas decoration but people should consider being kinder even as they express their disapproval. It's the season for love and togetherness, after all. We should all embrace the real spirit of Christmas.

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