"I Am That Mother": 'View' Star Jones Experienced Motherhood Only In Her 50s After Marrying Her 2nd Husband

Date November 22, 2019

Star Jones from The View is an extremely lucky woman having her significant one, Ricardo Lugo, side-by-side. Back in 2016, she introduced her new husband to the world, publicly saying, "This is my family."

Star Jones' husband is a dashing attorney who stole the former The View panelist's heart instantly. The couple tied the knot on March 25, 2018, on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. The romantic cruise was actually a multi-day celebration for another notable event — Star's birthday! She consistently posted different snaps from such an important day, and it was evident how happy she had been.

Star Jones' child

Alongside Star Jones' wedding with her husband, Ricardo Lugo, he gave her the greatest gift ever — motherhood. When the attorney had divorced from his former wife, Star became a stepmother to Lugo's son, Jake.

At the Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research Angel Ball in November 2019, The View host gushed over being a mother in her 50s.

[Lugo] has given me the greatest gift there ever is — motherhood. I have a 14-year-old son [Jake]. It's the best. I've got news for you. I am that mother. I am there at high school. He's a new high schooler, he's in ninth grade, but I feel like a shrimp in my family. Jake's 14 and 6 [feet] 2 [inches tall], but I'm very, very happy.

The Celebrity Apprentice star also told Us Weekly that her friends had never seen her that happy before tying the know with Ricardo Lugo.

I am giggling! My friends all say they've never seen me so happy, and the best thing they ever say is, 'Don't you screw this up!' And I promise that I won't. He's a wonderful man; he's kind and gentle.

A first husband

Star Jones from The View actually was married before meeting her partner, Ricardo. In 2004, she got hitched with investment banker Al Reynolds, but the two called it quits four years later.

Shortly after the announcement of the split, Al Reynolds opened up in his MySpace post about the marriage.

I know in my heart that I entered my marriage with love and the best of intentions and leave it with great sadness that it didn't work.

Jones was the one to have filed for divorce but did not cite any particular reason, but she said she made "an error in judgment" by inviting the media into their lavish 2004 wedding.

The View host, Star Jones, became genuinely happy only at 57 years when she married Ricardo Lugo and is now raising her stepson. She has no kids on her own, so it must be exceptional for her to be a mother!

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