"Lisa Did Everything For Him": Ant McPartlin And Lisa Armstrong's "Electric Chemistry" Didn't Help Save Their Marriage, According To Reports

Date December 2, 2019 12:28

Ant McPartlin and his wife, Lisa Armstrong, are trying to finalize divorce after 11 years of living in a so-called happy marriage. The popular host shocked all his fans when he announced such saddening news back in 2018.

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong spent 23 years overall. Fans began to speculate over their relationship when Britain's Got Talent host's drink and drug problems came to light in June 2017, and he checked himself into rehab. Soon, he appeared without a ring and with his ex's wife's best friend, Anne-Marie Corbett.

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong's divorce

The two fell for each other back in 1994 when they were just teens, and they "electric chemistry" back then — but unfortunately, it didn't help them save their 11-year marriage and 23-year romance.

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong are currently locked up in showbiz's nastiest divorce battle, but their relationship was nothing but adorable at the time.

Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist "did everything" for her ex-husband and supported him for more than two decades with everything. A source told The Sun:

Lisa did everything for him. She was no doormat, but out of love, she wanted him to be happy, to have what he needed. She was very ambitious, too, and Ant encouraged her a lot.

The couple had "electric chemistry" since they adored each other, but apparently, it wasn't a contributing factor to work on their marriage and save forgotten pure love.

Meanwhile, Lisa Armstrong has some struggles amid the nasty divorce process, and her friends want her to 'save dignity.' Although she receives terrific support from her family, friends, and public, the 42-year-old suffers from heartbreak and takes to social media to address it in various ways.

Armstrong's inner circle is "advising her to keep the upper hand by remaining calm and dignified." McPartlin's estranged wife recently hinted on social media that she'd been treated "shabbily" amid the couple's $80 million divorce battle when she liked a fan's tweet.

Anyhow, we hope Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong will try to end their divorce battle as soon as possible. It is evident how much the makeup artist suffers in silence, but it's better to come to the final point for her own good.

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