"Maybe Weight Gain Is A Symptom:" Fans Show Concern After Caitlyn Jenner States She Wants To Lose Weight By Christmas

Date November 14, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner's weight hasn't necessarily been a topic of conversation by her fans but it sounds like it's on the reality star's mind.

According to HealthyCeleb, the former olympian weighs about 194 points to her 6 ft 2 in height frame. From the pictures of her that have been shared online, she appears to be very fit and healthy.

In addition, Caitlyn has managed to look stunning in virtually all kinds of outfits including dresses, skirts, and fitted jeans. But apparently, she wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, a revelation which some people found concerning.

Caitlyn Jenner on weight loss

The reality star will be featured on the new edition of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and while being interviewed for the show, she had a few things to say.

She opened up about some of her ulterior motives for being a part of the show, saying:

The only reason I'm doing it is to lose a few pounds. I gotta fit into that outfit when I come back.

The 70-year-old also jokingly moaned about there not being hair or makeup in the jungle. She said:

I have the family Christmas party to go to. I wanna look good.

In addition to this statement, Caitlyn also added that she hopes to be a "parent" figure to the rest of her campmates and she will not mind being hailed as the Queen Of The Jungle.

As she talked about any fears she might have, she mentioned that she was more worried about people than insects.

There are nine other celebrities. People can be tougher, than any spiders or snakes.


Many people found it curious that Caitlyn was talking about losing weight and looking good for the Kardashian Christmas party coming up in December.

@Trumpsdone opines that the TV personality should consider weight gain as a symptom.

Caitlin...MAYBE the weight gain is a SYMPTOM of the PROBLEM............still Not happy.

@Tracey R believes a weight loss journey will not be beneficial for Caitlyn.

This is probably a quest not worth it. Jenners body will look thicker than most and probably has to starve to see results. Ugh.

@Miguel A has some advice.

Why don't you run around the track and throw stuff the way you used to when you were a role model?

It's possible that Caitlyn's comment was just a light-hearted way of opening up about herself. And fans of I'm A Celeb are excited to see how she will handle herself on the show.

As for losing weight, the reality star is already gorgeous the way she is. But in the end, all that matters is that she's happy with herself.

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