“Lisa Loves Hurley”: Ant McPharlin’s Ex-Wife Lisa Names Her New Make-Up Collection After Dog They're In Custody Battle Over

Date November 26, 2019

Ant McPharlin and Lisa Armstrong’s divorce battle may have taken another turn. Now, the makeup artist is taking shots at her estranged husband.

It’s over

Ant McPartlin and his wife, Lisa Armstrong are getting a divorce after 11 years of marriage. Back in October 2018, Armstrong was granted a decree nisi on the grounds of the I'm A Celebrity co-host's adultery with her friend and his former PA Anne-Marie Corbett.

“Lisa Loves Hurley”: Ant McPharlin’s Ex-Wife Lisa Names Her New Make-Up Collection After Dog They're In Custody Battle OverGetty Images / Ideal Image

Though the divorce would be final in a couple of weeks, it looks like the former couple is in for a fight over an $80 million settlement. Ant is putting pressure on Lisa to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about their marriage from the public and avoid damage to his reputation, according to The Sun.

However, Lisa's friends have advised her to 'stay calm' and 'save dignity' as her bitter divorce with the TV host reaches its final stages.

Ant McPharlin’s wife

The Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist has taken a swipe at her estranged husband who is refusing to give her sole custody of their labrador dog called Hurley.

According to The Sun, McPartlin’s ex-wife has decided to name her new cosmetics collection “Lisa Loves Hurley” following the custody battle for their dog.

The cosmetics range is expected to have shiny brown eye shadow, just like Hurley’s eyes. A source speaking to the media publication said:

It’s a declaration of how much she loves Hurley. He’s been there by her side through all the mess Ant created. She has always been upset that Ant couldn’t just let her have custody of Hurley who she sees as her baby.

She knows that Ant loves Hurley as well but she really hoped he would be the bigger man and let her at least have custody of him after all she has been through.

Following their divorce settlement, the dog spends half his time with Lisa, in West London, and with the TV host and his girlfriend.

Social media reactions

@ Laura Taylor

I feel for this lady, she stood by him at his worse times and Supported him, she bitter which isn't good but understandable to a degree.

@ Leita Fenn

I wish she'd just move on with her life. This is all so toxic & will only bring her down.

@Louise Heather Horton

I think she needs to grow up and I think it's very childish, yes he had demons to fight and she stood by him but thats not really a excuse to behave the way she is. Naming cosmetics after her dog 👍 great name 😂 no one is perfect and life is not easy but he has came out the right side now so why not bury the bad times and move on with life. Life is too short to have petty fights.

@ Adele Brown

Take ur 31 million and move on he has so follow his ways and live ur life happy in ur big house and ur millions!!!

@ Lynn Crawford

She wants to name her new venture after something she loves, she loves her dog so what's the problem? Hope she gets full custody of Hurley I am sure she will allow him to see Hurley.

Lisa Armstrong is indeed heartbroken after finding out about her ex-husband’s romance with his former PA in the news.

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