Getting Fancier By Day! Barack & Michelle Obama Moved To $12 Million Mil Martha's Vineyard Estate, Reports Say

Date December 5, 2019

When Barack Obama and his family had to move out of the White House in 2016, they needed to find a new place to live. But changing a residence wasn’t a very sad thing to do as Obama’s new house was just as exciting!

The former presidential family bought a $5.3 million mansion that was built in 1928. Obama’s house boasts 9 bedrooms and 8,200 square feet area in total. But it seems that it wasn’t enough for the couple.

Rumored new purchase

In August this year, it’s been reported that Barack and Michelle Obama placed an offer on a 29-acre estate in Martha's Vineyard. The luxurious property, which is worth $14,850,000, is situated on the beach and has 2 separate guest wings.

The news made many people very angry as they believed that their taxes will pay for such an extravagant purchase.

Obamas’ new house - Martha's Vineyard

Despite the criticism, it looks like the couple did get the house eventually. According to TMZ, the Obamas bought the fancy property for $11.75 million.

The couple is now reportedly the proud owners of 6,900 square feet with a massive pool, 7 bedrooms, outdoor fireplace, and 2 guest wings. Michelle and Barack rented the house for the summer but loved it so much so they decided to get it.

Obamas are rich people so they can afford it. If the house costs $12 million, then it's more than 25% of their net worth, which is believed to be $40 million, according to Forbes 2018 estimate.

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