John Legend Admits Chrissy Teigen’s Struggles With Postpartum Depression Strengthened Their Union As They Saw Each Other Differently

Date November 14, 2019

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend warmed their way into the hearts of their fans around the world because they are real. In a world where celebrities put on good faces for the camera, Teigen and Legend became a relatable couple who showed the world that even though they are famous, they are still, ordinary people.

With their 2 adorable kids, Luna and Miles in the mix, the Legend family is simply put, "legendary." But what many don’t know is that the happy union was tested when Teigen suffered from postpartum depression after her daughter Luna was born.

Teigen’s postpartum depression brought them closer

Recently, John Legend opened up about marriage, their journey becoming parents, and how they conquered postpartum depression.

In an interview with People, John Legend, who was freshly crowned 2019’s Sexiest Man Alive, revealed that his union with Teigen got deeper with the struggles they faced. Sharing their challenges trying to get a child for many years, Legend disclosed that parenthood helped them see each other in a different light.

(Parenthood) deepens your love for your partner because you see them in a different light going through, in our case, the trouble of actually having a kid.

To Legend, the struggles of trying to get a kid and the later battle with Teigen’s postpartum depression helped him see his wife in a different light. Together, they learned how to handle challenges and, in the end, managed to come out the other side “stronger and better.”

Chrissy Teigen struggled with IVF

Sharing her experiences as a mother-to-two last year, Teigen shared that after her postpartum depression and the failed IVF cycles, she learned to appreciate the miracles of conceiving.

When you go through IVF, it does feel like, 'Oh it’s not fair I have to do all this.' Still, it’s a complete miracle when it works.

For the couple, having a second baby was tough but when they finally did it through IVF, all the struggle proved worthwhile. With time, the challenges of having a family helped them appreciate what they have, and by supporting each other, they conquered all hurdles and emerged victoriously.

It’s incredible when a celebrity couple shares such personal battles, as they inspire others to keep their faith and never give up.

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