Peter Andre Shares “Proud Parenting” Moment When He Confiscated 12-Year-Old Daughter's Devices After She Got Detention In School

Date November 22, 2019

Mysterious Girl hitmaker, Peter Andre, warmed his way into the hearts of fans when he featured on the third season of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity back in 2004. While viewers loved Andre’s effortless charm, the singer had his own battles with romance as he fell hard for another contestant, model Katie Price.

After their fateful connection on the show, Andre and Katie got married and while they got divorced in 2010, they share 2 wonderful children, Junior, and Princess. Peter Andre’s children are the best things to ever come out of the show, but while he loves his kids, he has also shared that he’s a “very strict” dad.

Recently, Peter Andre confessed that he felt proud as a parent when he confiscated his 12-year-old daughter’s phone after she got detention.

Peter Andre punished his daughter Princess by taking her phone

Parents have different approaches to parenting and when Peter Andre’s daughter Princess got detention, he punished her by taking the most valuable thing to her, the cell phone.

Sharing the “delightful” parenting moment on his new! magazine column, Andre reported that after her daughter talked during assembly, she was given detention and as a father, he had to punish her.

I asked her what she thought her punishment should be and she told me I should take her electronics away for a while. So that's what I did.

Andre shared his joy that even to his daughter, taking away the phone privileges sounded like a reasonable punishment.

Plus, when she begged to be given back her electronics, Andre, the resolved daddy just said, “No,” an answer that can be hard to tell a child for anyone.

Being a great parent to your kids means being able to make the hard choices, even when they feel you are unfair to them, something Peter Andre was prepared to do.

Fans had mixed feelings about Andre’s parenting style

For other parents, the TV personality’s parenting decisions were met with mixed feelings. While some thought his decisions were brave, others felt he went overboard.

There is no general guide-book on how a parent should bring up their kids and it always falls down to the parent to do what they feel is best for their children. Disciplining a child can be tough for any parent but knowing that you are doing it for the child's sake helps.

Do you think Peter Andre’s decision to discipline his daughter by taking away her phone was right?

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