“What A Slap In Liam’s Face”: Miley Cyrus Invited Boyfriend Cody Simpson To Spend Thanksgiving With Her Family And Fans Overreact

Date December 2, 2019

Miley Cyrus celebrated Thanksgiving with her new boyfriend Cody Simpson. The lovebirds look so happy on a snap with Miley's family, but fans think it's “a slap” in Liam Hemsworth’s face.

New beginning for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus obviously had the best Thanksgiving celebration with her closed ones. The singer spent the holiday with her family and her new handsome boyfriend Cody Simpson at her parents’ house.

Miley’s sister shared a lovely photo of the family dinner on Instagram. It seems like Cody is on very warm terms with his girlfriend’s parents. The young man was sitting just next to Miley’s father, which definitely says a lot about their friendly relationship.

However, multiple fans ‘attacked’ Cyrus on social media, pointing out that she did the wrong thing when invited her new boyfriend to her parents’ home when she has not even officially divorced Liam Hemsworth. One fan even wrote that it was a slap in Liam’s face.

Fans’ reaction

@ Mzchambers_36

Wow, what a slap in Liam's face! They're not even divorced yet, it's disgusting!

@ Perri12345

Wow just wow, I guess you missed the fact that Liam has also moved and for happy to pose for the paps two weeks ago making out with his lady friend on the streets of LA! For a private guy he clearly wasn't hiding the fact that he had a new girlfriend. DM has also reported today elsewhere that Liam spent Thanksgiving with her! Why the double standards?

@ Zestylemon

Poor Liam. She is just humiliating the guy.

@ Coldplay

I'm sure her family have loved everyone of her boyfriends and girlfriends and will continue to love them as she gets through quite a few....

@ Chris

And less than a year ago they were getting ready for her to marry Liam! Perhaps if her family stopped enabling her bad behavior she might actually grow up!

In August 2019, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth shocked their fans when announced their split after 10-year relationship and 8-month marriage.

Do you agree with people’s comments that Miley Cyrus shouldn’t have invited her new boyfriend to spend Thanksgiving with her family while she is still married to Liam Hemsworth? We look forward to hearing your vision of the matter.

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