“Shame On Your Behavior”: David Beckham Again Kisses His Daughter On Lips And Fans Argue Whether It's Okay

Date December 2, 2019

David Beckham shared a photo with his daughter Harper kissing her on lips. While some fans admitted it was very sweet, others ‘attacked’ the doting dad for this lovely gesture.

Kiss from dad

David Beckham and his fabulous wife Victoria are the proud parents of four children. Their youngest daughter Harper is 8 years old.

A lot of fans consider David Beckham a role model of a perfect father. The football star often shares lovely family photos with his kids on Instagram.

However, David’s recent photo with his daughter generated controversial reactions from social media users. David and Harper visited an ice rink together to get into the Christmas spirit. The father and daughter had so much fun and Beckham shared these sweet moments on Instagram.

One photo features David kissing Harper on her lips. A lot of fans began to criticize Beckham, pointing out that it was completely wrong and inappropriate. Others rushed to David’s defense.

Fans’ reaction

@ long_sy10

Um... i don’t think that’s how you should kiss you daughter.

@ souvikghosh450

Shame on your behavior with your daughter

@ Mariela Carreon Becerra

I find it repulsive when parents do that… Lips are reserved for a spouse or lover period. I am not old school but I have seen mothers who kiss their daughters on the lips giving repetitive kisses. Makes me want to vomit. It’s my opinion period!!

@ jolene100

My dad always kissed me on lips. Old fashioned british logic. Love laugh live x

@ Heidi Forbito

Anyone that thinks kissing your child on the lips is inappropriate , you need serious medical help! I kiss my kids on the lips, 28 year old son kisses his dad on the lips, and 27 year old daughter does as well. Anyone that says it’s wrong, had a very horrible childhood. I feel sad for you

It was not for the first time when Beckham was spotted kissing his daughter on lips. Again, people had controversial reactions.

What is your vision of the matter? Is it Ok for fathers to kiss their children on lips? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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